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10 Years Online - Yearbook
A little over 10 years ago, I was just a young teen, obsessed with soap operas with no one to talk to. I found this community in a little forum called Soapskiddies. Run by Heaven, only the forum, a little blog and an image gallery existed. I knew I had found my people. The site officially opened about a month after I found them in December 2006, of course, we celebrate in February because in early 2008 when the site went down, we reopened on February 22.

It's fun for me to look back at all of the amazing things we have done on this site. After all, a huge chunk of my life has been dedicated to helping keep this site updated. A personal favorite memory is the autograph giveaway we did for 5 years online. A friend of mine took a pic of me, in the snow, as our college campus closed around us, holding an envelope containing autographs.

As we were brainstorming ideas for the 10 year celebration, I couldn't shake the feeling that we should do a yearbook. I needed something that I could do, to contribute, as I have been less involved lately than I would like to be. I kept thinking about how each of the kids had changed over the years and how it would be interesting to have them all spread out onto pages. Each show, each year. A page for every year we have had them as a part of our site. I sent an example to Heaven and Lisa and they loved the idea! I set out to achieve the finished product...but not without some help as half of the yearbook was done by Lisa and half was done by myself.

It's been a rough couple of months as the elements came against us. Photoshop quit on us, some family problems required our attention, a planned weekend vacation happened, and before we knew it, it was already March and it was not finished. The last few weeks, I have been up until 2 a.m. or later every single night, trying to get these pages finished. Last night, I finally finished my part...before 11 p.m. I sighed with great relief. Finally!

So I really hope everyone enjoys the conclusion to our 10 Years Online Celebration. I present to you...


Posted on Mar 17 2017 by Susan
10 Years Online Special
As we wrap up our 10 Years online celebration stay tuned for our big finish coming in just a few days. So make sure to check back.
Posted on Mar 11 2017 by Heaven
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Happy 10 Years Online - GH Casting News!
We've been just as excited as the JaSam/GH viewers for the arrival of Emily Scout Morgan on General Hospital, and we are even more excited to share that playing the role is the Andonian Twins! There are some great scenes coming up, so make sure to tune in!
Posted on Mar 07 2017 by Lisa
Happy 10 Years Online - Cline Twins
Our next way of celebrating 10 Years Online is a fun update from Dylan and Jordan Cline and their family! The boys played Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital from 2004-2005 and their family has sent along photos for the gallery and some fun news! Dylan and Jordan now have their own YouTube channel! They posted a message for their General Hospital fans during last year's Fan Club Weekend, and have also been busy working on their own film projects! Make sure to subscribe!

Posted on Feb 28 2017 by Lisa
10 Years Online
Today the site celebrates 10 Years Online officially, however we have been so busy working on some big fun projects to help us celebrate that.....we are still working on them! We cannot wait to show everyone what we have put together and our first way to help celebrate 10 Years Online will be revealed tomorrow!
Posted on Feb 22 2017 by Lisa
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New Layouts!
We have just updated our main site and gallery with a new set of layouts! We've got a girls and pink theme going on this time around with our main featuring Harper and Sydnee Udell who play Ari on Days of Our Lives. The girls have been playing the role since day one and we wanted to give them their own main layout! The gallery features Cameron Seely from The Jim Gaffigan Show using some of her images from her shoots for Hanna Andersson. We hope everyone enjoys the new look!
Posted on Feb 01 2017 by Lisa
With February's arrival we have changed our COTM section the sidebar! This month we are featuring Anthony Turpel who plays RJ Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. He has been doing a fantastic job in the role since he started last fall and we look forward to seeing his upcoming episodes!
Posted on Feb 01 2017 by Lisa
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