Cara and Sienna Gwartz played the role of Holly Jonas on Days of Our Lives. In addition to the soap you have likely seen the girls in one of their other recurring roles on Jane the Virgin, 2 Broke Girls, and Ray Donovan!

1. How did you feel when the girls booked Ray Donovan?

We were so excited that we immediately started watching the show from the beginning. By the time we got to the current season that the girls were on, we were so into the show we nearly forgot the reason we started watching in the first place.

2. What was their experience like working with Dash Mihok?

Couldn’t be better! He has two daughters of his own so he’s a natural and such a nice guy.

3. What was the best part of working on 2 Broke Girls?

The actors, actresses, and the entire crew were absolutely incredible!

4. How did Cara and Sienna enjoy filming with Jennifer Coolidge?

The experience was terrific! She is hilarious and oh so talented.

5. What was it like to have Cara and Sienna recur on a soap opera compared to a primetime series?

The girls got a lot of exposure on the daytime shows between promo videos and on screen time which was a lot of fun.

6. What was their first day on set like for Days?

They filmed a birthing scene! Very fitting for their first day of work.

7. How did they enjoy filming with Ari?

She’s incredible! She was so excited to finally have a baby of her own on the show and was absolutely the sweetest to work with.

8. How did the girls like working with Nadia?

We couldn’t have asked for better on our first show! Nadia has a baby around their same age so she was always looking out for the girls and she is so nice as well!

9. Is there a way to tell Cara and Sienna apart on screen?

Not really… Even we have a hard time telling who is who on screen from time to time, but their personalities are very different. For some reason Sienna does really well with the more serious dramatic shows like Ray Donovan and Grey’s Anatomy, and Cara’s personality really shines on the comedy shows like Two Broke Girls.

10. Do you have a favorite scene that they filmed for the soap?

Anything with Ari!

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