O’Neill Monahan plays the role of Rocco Falconeri on General Hospital. This year he has also been seen in an episode of The Middle, a Clorox commercial, and more!

1. What was the experience like filming for your episode of Bizaardvark?

It was pretty entertaining. Olivia & Madison were really nice. Ethan was nice too. The crew was really nice. It was a cool experience.

2. How did you prepare for the role?

I prepared by learning my lines with my dad, and we were just practicing and practicing so that the rehearsal day went really well. And the next day we filmed, so I didn’t have much time to think about it. It was pretty awesome.

3. What do you enjoy best about working on The Middle?

Again, the crew is also really nice, so just being there is fun. I like working with my friends Beau and Reagan.

4. How do you like filming with Atticus?

Atticus taught me to really have fun and relax. He’s the best!

5. What was your first day on set at General Hospital like?

It was cool. Emme and Dominic were really funny. And I’m surprised they have that many sets all in one big room!

6. How do you enjoy working with Scarlett Fernandez?

Scarlett is super nice. She’s a great actor, and really funny. We love to laugh together on set and joke around.

7. What is the best part about working with Dominic Zamprogna?

Every day when I show up for rehearsal he’s always excited and super friendly and like “What’s up?!”

8. What is your favorite part of filming with Emme Rylan?

She finally had her baby, which is great! When I first met her she was pregnant, but I had to act like she wasn’t because her character wasn’t. I’m lucky to have such a great TV family!

9. What would you love to see happen on the show for Rocco in 2018?

I really want Rocco to go back to the police station and help my dad catch some bad guys!

10. Do you have a favorite episode you’ve gotten to work on?

My favorite episode was Rocco’s birthday. I got to open gift that wasn’t appropriate for his age, and that was funny. Also it was just a prop.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah! If anyone is trying to be an actor, just be yourself. Read over your lines again and again, and just relax and try your best.

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