Kingston Foster played the role of Heather in an episode of Days of Our Lives earlier this year. She has been seen in multiple commercials, and you may recognize her from her recurring roles on Great News and Fuller House!

1. What was it like filming your episode of Days Of Our Lives?

It was a tight space and an old sound stage, but it was fun and everyone was nice.

2. How did you enjoy working with Casey Moss?

He was very nice and a great actor.

3. What was your experience like working on your episode of Criminal Minds?

It was my very first TV show and I got kidnapped!

4. How did you enjoy filming your Little Tikes commercial?

I got to see how the people who help with voice overs word; I became friends with them because there was a lot of voice over work for the commercial.

5. How did you feel returning for the second season of Fuller House?

I was very excited to get to know in real life the characters I had seen on Full House.

6. What is the best part of filming with Dave Coulier?

The best part was that he would always do cool things and make sounds.

7. Do you get nervous at all filming the show in front of the live audience?

Sometimes I get a little nervous, but one time my grandma and my brother came to the live audience.

8. What would you like to see happen for your character Joan in a future season?

I would like her to torture Ramona a lot when she (Joan) visits; also I would like to dance with Ramona.

9. Do you have a favorite episode you’ve shot for Great News?

My favorite episode is “Carol’s Eleven” because I got to switch places with Katie to show what Katie was like as a 6 year old.

10. Can you tell us anything about your character in the film Zombies?

Her name is Zoey. She wants to be a cheerleader but zombies aren’t allowed to be cheerleaders. Also she really wants a dog, but Zombies can’t have those either. I loved playing this part.

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