Matthew and Nathan Scott played the role of Tate Black on Days of Our Lives. This year the boys have also booked Superstore and shot for Hazel and Holly! To keep up to date make sure to follow them on Instagram.


1. How did Matthew and Nathan get started in the industry?

I definitely regret not getting the twins started in the entertainment industry earlier. I know identical twins get a lot of direct bookings in that first year. However, I did not submit them to an agent until after their first birthday. My friend had her baby in the industry and she encouraged me to submit photos of my twins to her agent. At first I was very skeptical, but I did some research and prayed about, and then decided to give it a try. I did not really think that it would go anywhere, but a few weeks later I got an email from the agent asking for more pictures of my twins and then she accepted them.

2. What was their time on set like working on Superstore?

The best part of working on Superstore was getting to be on the Universal lot and the craft services! So many great shows are filmed on that lot, so it was an honor to be there. And the food was unreal! We did not have craft services on the set of Days of Our Lives, so that was a special treat for us.

3. How did the boys enjoy shooting for Hazel and Holly?

Shooting for Hazel and Holly was probably the boys favorite job. They shot those beautiful images outdoors, so my nature loving boys were absolutely in their element! The photographer did not want staged smiles, but more authentic expressions, so the boys spent the shoot playfully gathering pine cones and sticks 🙂

4. What was the audition process like for Days?

On a Friday I got an email from my agent saying that the twins had an interview with the casting director from Days of Our Lives on Monday morning. I had not submitted headshots to the agent yet, so I was shocked that they already had such a big audition! They needed pictures ASAP, so I had to take my own headshot that day. The agent also recommended dressing them in solid colored onesies for the audition, so I had to go shopping too! On Monday morning my mom and I drove to LA and met with the casting director at 10am. She had me take the boys out of their stroller and she observed them as they played in her office. Then she called a male employee to come hold one of the twins to see how he would react to a man he didn’t know. The employee walked around the office, and then took Nathan to another room. Then the casting director picked up Matthew and had me go hide in her office. Neither of the twins noticed that I left the room and were happy to play with their new friends. The casting director took some pictures of them on her phone and said they were “perfect”. I remember her telling me “these twins should be working!” She was surprised that it was their first audition. After we left the office the babies feel asleep in the car immediately. My mom and I were very excited on the way home, but we tried not to get our hopes up, just in case.

5. How did you react when they booked the soap?

By Friday I had not heard back about DOOL, so I was starting to think they did not get the job, but by the end of the day I got an email from my agent saying they booked the recurring role! I was so excited and I messaged my friends and family to tell them to good news and to thank them for their prayers! Then I set the DVR to record the show, so I could figure out who their parents were on the show 🙂

6. What was the experience like for the boys to film for Days of Our Lives?

Working on DOOL was a blessing, and I will always be so grateful for the experience. The boys had their own dressing room where we would play with toys, read books, and eat snacks until they were needed set. Most days we only had one scene to film, so we were in and out quickly. We were never there more than four hours, and it was often only about 2 hours.

7. How did they enjoy working with Jen Lilley?

The best part of DOOL was working with Jen Lilley! I absolutely adore her! In fact, we are still in touch, and I hope we will be friends for years to come. From day one she was so warm and friendly, and the boys absolutely loved her! She truly went above and beyond to make the boys comfortable on set. If she thought it was too cold in the dressing room, she would be the first to advocate for the boys. She spent hours of her own time playing with the Matthew and Nathan in their dressing room. We were so spoiled with the best ever TV mom. We love you Jen!

8. How did the boys enjoy working with Eric Martsolf?

Eric Martsolf has twin boys in real life, so it was cool that we had that in common. He was commuting back and forth from Las Vegas, so we didn’t see him as much as we saw Jen. But he always kind to the boys on set.

9. Is there anyone you wish they would have had a chance to work with?

The actors who played Marlena, Maggie, Nicole, Gabby, and Paul were all so kind and welcoming to my boys, so I would have loved for the boys to have more scenes with any them!

10. Do you have a favorite scene the boys the boys got to film?

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene…One of my favorite scenes started with Matthew in the stroller, but he was reaching for Jen, so she took him out and convinced the director to let her hold him during the scene. The director said it might be complicated if she had to push the stroller and carry a baby as they exit the room, but Jen told him “being a mom is complicated”, which is so true! Another one of my favorite scenes was when Matthew was sitting on Jen’s lap at the cafe as she talked to Eric. I packed snacks for him to eat during the scene, but he was so happy to sit with Jen he did not even want them. Instead they gave him a stuffed bunny to hold, which was wet with slobber by the end of the scene. He was teething at the time, so everything he touched became a chew toy. Sorry to the crew who had to clean that wet bunny!


We’d like to thank Matthew, Nathan and their family for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

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