Kayla Madison played Lila Rae Alcazar on General Hospital. This year she has been seen on Transparent, The Middle, and more! To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site.



1. What was your experience like working on Transparent?

Working on Transparent was a lot of fun. Loved the wardrobe, so my style. It reminded me of the clothes I got to wear in Masters of Sex. I enjoyed shooting the scene in the music room because I got to interact with other kids which always makes my job that much more exciting.

2. What was your time on set like filming The Middle?

Being on the show The Middle is one of my favorite shows that I have worked on. It was a super funny show with great actors. Even though I shot a few episodes with no lines it was still nice to be there and have such great actors for my set family.

3. How do you like working with Jen Ray?

Jen ray is so sweet with a great personality and a great actress. We became good friends while working together. I look forward to working with her again.

4. How did you like appearing on Children’s Hospital?

I couldn’t take the scary clown seriously while he was pretend playing the guitar and especially with the face makeup.

5. What was your experience like working on Henry Danger?

O.MG. Henry Danger was my favorite by far. I was so happy to work with my friend Ella Anderson even though we played enemies on the show. I thought it was so cool to get slimed and yes it was super messy but so worth it. I hope they bring back my character Jana back because I had the time of my life on this show.

6. What was the process like filming Win, Lose or Love?

Win, Lose or Love was a great movie to be part of. I worked on this project for 3 weeks and I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved working with Corey Sevier who played my Dad. We had fun working on Soccer techniques together. The production crew was so kind to me especially because I was scheduled to work on Halloween and they did a candy scavenger hunt in my trailer and I got to trick or treat on set with all the crew. I got a lot of candy.

7. How did you enjoy working with Griffin Kunitz?

Griffin was so funny and sweet, we spent a lot of time hanging out.

8. Do you have a favorite scene that you filmed?

I enjoyed them all, but I enjoyed the soccer scenes the best. It was fun learning a new sport.

9. What was one of the funniest things to happen on or off set while working on the movie?

One thing that I can think of that was super funny was when they were filming me trying to kick the ball to make the goal, I completely missed the ball all together. That definitely got everyone laughing.

10. What has been your favorite project to do this year and why?

Henry Danger was my favorite show of the year. Nothing better than working on one of your favorite shows.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m thankful for the experiences that I have had and I hope that 2017 brings great opportunities to work again on other jobs as well as Nickelodeon and maybe even Disney


We’d like to thank Kayla for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

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