Jeremiah Clayton appeared in multiple episodes of Days of Our Lives. He and his twin brother Maverick have done multiple print shoots, been seen on Fear the Walking Dead and more! To keep up to date make sure to follow them on Instagram.


1.How did you get started in the industry?

Our mom’s friend has a daughter who has worked on many commercials. She told our mom about the industry and that most toddlers and babies on TV are twins or triplets. She submitted some pictures of us and many agencies wanted to represent us. We ended up working with ZURI Model and Talent.

2. What was the experience like working on Days of Our Lives?

(Jeremiah)-I have worked for DOOL three times. Working on set is very fast paced and everything moves very quick on a soap opera. I had fun because every time I worked it was a holiday scene so I was in costume two of those scenes and dressed in Christmas attire for the other.

3. What was your time on set like filming Jane the Virgin?

(Jeremiah)-JTV was super fun. I got to learn more about the acting industry and the actors were really cool. Justin Baldoni is a super cool guy and came up and introduced himself as soon as I walked on set. I also learned that one scene gets filmed many times from many different angles. It can take a long time just to film one small scene.

4. How did you enjoy shooting for Discovery Toys?

(Maverick)-It was fun! The other kid on the shoot and I got to shoot water guns at each other and play with a water hose. It didn’t feel like work at all. The only downfall was that the water was a little cold.

5. What is the best part of shooting for California Costumes?

(Maverick)-Working for California Costumes was fun, as it was just like playing dress up. I got to be a Viking which was pretty cool.

6. What was the experience like working on Fear the Walking Dead?

(Maverick)-Working on FTWD has been the best job I have worked so far. I not only got to work with a super cool cast and crew but I got to travel to Mexico. The studio was located right on the beach and I got to film on the “Abigail” (a boat) on the same water tank where the “Titanic” was filmed. I learned how movies that take place “in the ocean” are filmed. The entire cast and crew made my brother and I feel like we were part of the FTWD family.

7. How did you enjoy working with Jake Walker?

(Jeremiah)- Jake is a super cool guy. On the show he played our big brother and even when we weren’t filming he was like a big brother. We actually spent a lot of time with him in Mexico. We even went to the movies one day to watch Star Wars!

(Maverick) Jake is really fun to hang out with. He is a really down to earth kind of guy and an awesome actor.

8. What was it like filming with Frank Dillane?

(Maverick)- Frank is super cool. He was really nice and he was like a big brother. He is a really talented actor and I learned a lot just from watching him on set. Between scenes we would play the PS4 and also sling rocks from the cliff from some slingshots I bought in Mexico. Most of my scenes were with him so I spent the most time with him. I really looked up to him and hope to become a great actor like he is.

9. How do you decide which one of you gets to film scenes?

(Jeremiah)- When we first arrived in Mexico we visited the studios. The director took us on a little “tour” of the lot in the golf cart. Afterwards we had to say a few lines and they decided to use Maverick for the first day of work. Most scenes ended up being filmed by Maverick as he was doing a good job. Also, it didn’t help that I had lost a front tooth two days before filming, then lost the other front tooth a few days before the second month of filming OR that I had a little accident at the hotel where I fell and scraped my face pretty bad. When I did end up filming I had to wear fake teeth, made by the special effects crew, and required make up to cover my scrapes.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

(Maverick & Jeremiah)- Definitely, FTWD as it involved working on location and working with one of the most awesome cast and crews! We still miss everyone we worked with.


We’d like to thank Jeremiah and Maverick for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

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