Elizabeth and Mariam Tovey played the role of Sydney on Days of our lives. This year the girls were seen in the disney short Penelope in the Treehouse and released their music video for the song I Love Horses. To keep up to date make sure to visit their official website, like their page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

1. Which type of projects (TV, film, music videos) do you prefer working on?

E. Well I like working on all of them.

M. I really love working all of those projects.

2. What was it like filming your music video for I Love Horses?

E. This project was so much fun. I got to spend an entire day with horses. I really do love horses so much.

M. I loved it. I got to feed horses and to ride on horses. It was great experience.

3. How did you react when you found out you booked The Treehouse?

We were very excited. It was a big honor to work with the director, writer, and animator Jonathan Langager.

What was your first day on set like?

The first person we saw on set was the the director Jonathan Langager . He is so wonderful to work with.

The first day was really exciting. We got to look around the studio where lots of famous movies were filmed.

5. How different was it filming as twins vs. sharing a role?

Filming as one person requires to act exactly the same, but when acting as twins we can each show our own personality.

6. How did you enjoy working on Penelope In The Treehouse?

It was such a fun project to work on with the director Jonathan Langager , the producer Christian Hall, the CD. Cheryl Faye, the actors, and the crew.

7. What was it like working with Annabelle Kavanagh?

Actually it felt like we were working with our older sister. Annabelle Kavanagh is very sweet.

8. How did you enjoy filming with Carson Bolde?

E. Cool boy to work with.

M. He read a story for me, Carson Bolde is really gentle.

9. Do you have a favorite scene you got to film?

E. I liked them all. But the one where I am spraying the paint with the mask was a very special scene.

M. I loved all of them. Since mom doesn’t let us jump on the bed, my favorite scene was making a mess and jumping on the bed.

10. How did you feel watching the film for the first time?

E. I felt awesome and cool, I liked it a lot.

M. I felt so happy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We can’t wait to work on more projects and to share them with all of you.

Right now we are preparing to do a new photoshoot with Steven Wetherbee, also a CD with the singer Zeina Kachaamy…….and lots more.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and great New Year.


We’d like to thank Elizabeth and Mariam for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Steven Wetherbee)

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