Alina Foley played the role of Claire Brady on Days of our Lives. This year Alina has appeared on Celebrity Family Feud, continued as the voice of Leah on Shimmer and Shine and filmed an episode of School of Rock. To keep up to date, be sure to visit her official fansite or check back here!

1. Is there anyone you miss working with from The League?

Honestly, I miss everyone from The League. The whole cast is great and they were all really fun people to work with. The show has definitely been a big part of my life and it still feels weird not to be going back there in the fall.

2. What was the experience like attending the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards?

Okay, I’m a HUGE dog person so that was like my favorite thing ever. I actually counted and I pet 19 dogs that night it was pretty much heaven for me. It was really inspiring to hear their stories and the whole time I kept thinking, “What did we do to deserve dogs?!”

3. How did you enjoy attending the Gifting Suite for the Emmy Awards?

Oh, the gifting suite was really fun! I got lots of cool things, including a polaroid camera which may or may not have been my favorite. I mean, I really can’t say anything bad about people handing me free things.

4. What was the experience like for your family to be a part of Celebrity Family Feud?

To be perfectly honest it was a strange experience but definitely memorable. I was able to buy myself a new camera with the money I got so that was cool!

5. Did your family get together to watch the episode when it aired?

Yes, we made a little party of it.

6. What was your first day in the studio like for Shimmer and Shine?

I don’t remember it all that well, seeing as it was over three years ago, but I do remember that I was very excited. Spent time picking out the quietest shirt I had and everything!

7. How did you feel seeing the first completed episode of the series?

I was really excited and so were all my friends. It was cool hearing my voice come out of a character, especially for the first time.

8. Other than Leah, who is your favorite character on the show?

Hmm…I think I have to go with Nahal because she reminds me so much of my own pups.

9. Do you have a favorite episode of Shimmer and Shine you’ve voiced?

That’s a tough one but I think it might be the Christmas episode we did in season one.

10. Is there anything you can share about your upcoming episode of School of Rock?

I had a lot of fun doing it and the whole cast was great. It’ll air January 21st so we’re pumped to see that!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I can’t think of anything else, just want to wish everyone a happy holidays and I think everyone’s ready to welcome the new year!


We’d like to thank Alina for participating in our Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Grettel Cortes)

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