James Nigbor plays the role of Jake Spencer on General Hospital and played Jack Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful. This year he has also worked on Conan, and to keep up to date make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


1. What was the experience like filming for Conan?

Conan was fun because I got to bounce in the bounce house, but I was bummed I couldn’t meet Conan.

2. Do you do anything special to prepare your lines?

I memorize my lines because there is an app on my mom’s phone that helps me and my private acting coach does too.

3. How did you feel when asked about returning to the role of Jake?

I was completely shocked and very happy.

4. Is there anything you remember about working on the show before?

Mainly my TV mom and dad and especially the motorcycle.

5. What is it like working with Becky Herbst?

She is warm and loving and helps when I don’t know where to go.

6. How do you enjoy working with Billy Miller?

I LOVE it! He is hilarious!!

7. How do you like working with the other kids?

I have only worked with Cameron and Aiden so far but they are both fun and we all play together when there’s nothing to do.

8. Do you have a favorite set to film on?

Probably at home playing with Billy Miller.

9. Is there anyone you’d like to work with but haven’t yet?

Spencer and Emma

10. What has been your favorite scene to film so far?

The wedding by far!


We’d like to thank James for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Mindy Tanimoto)

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