Jadon Wells plays Joey Johnson on Days of Our Lives. This year, he guest starred in an episode of the new show Stalker. To keep up to date make sure to follow him on Twitter or check back here on the site.


1. What was the experience like filming your See Dad Run episode?

It was fun. But it was a long time ago so it’s hard to remember.


2. What was the best part of shooting your IHOP commercial?

When the director gave me a pack of gum.


3. How special was it to be a part of the final season of Dexter?

It was so fun and I got to pick some props that they were giving away because the show was ending. I have a blood slide!


4. Do you have a favorite scene you filmed for the show?

The one where I fell off the treadmill and got painted with fake blood.


5. What was it like working with Wallace Langham on CSI?

He was really funny, and showed me a magic trick with a paper clip.


6. What was the experience like working on Stalker?

It was scary like Halloween, I knew it was pretend, but people were still chasing me!


7. How did you enjoy working with Dylan McDermott and Sammi Hanratty?

Dylan follows me on Instagram now. That’s cool. Sammi gave me piggy back rides on set and we had fun running and screaming from the house. We always ended up laughing!


8. Did you give your sister any advice before shooting her episode of Days Of Our Lives?

Be quiet on set!


9. Do you have a Days cast member you hope to get a chance to work with one day?

Yeah, Greg Vaughn. He watches football at our house with his kids on Sunday.


10. What is the best part about coming back to Days of Our Lives every year to film?

I like getting a present from under the tree. They are real toys!


We’d like to thank Jadon for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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