Harper and Sydnee Udell play the role of Arianna on Days. This year the girls have also been seen on Suburgatory and to keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site.



1. How do Harper and Sydnee like working with Guy Wilson?

They really enjoy working with Guy. It’s been such a pleasure because he is so good with them. He is always spending extra time with them off the set and playing little games with them in the hallway and in their dressing room. We really appreciate his sincerity and devotion to being close to them on and off the set.

2. What was it like getting to work with Ali Sweeney?

Well it was a honor. Given her history with the show and other projects she has worked on, it was really special to be able to work with her on Days. She is great with kids and anytime time they did scenes together, she always spent time with the babies and gave them extra attention. She is a real sweetheart.

3. Are there any kids the girls have gotten to play with backstage and not gotten to work with on screen?

They have had the pleasure to meet and play with almost all the other kids on the show. All of the kids are so nice and always want to talk to the babies and play with them backstage. They usually only get to work together during holiday episodes when everyone gets together for a dinner or party. Hopefully as time goes on they will be in some more episodes with some of the other kids.

4. Do the girls share equal time on screen or do we see one more then the other?

Good question. For a while there, they would rotate fairly regularly. Then Harper went a couple of months where she didn’t want to work so Sydnee did most of the scenes. They have since gotten back to rotating so it’s nice to see them both doing scenes. They are comfortable at the show and they both enjoy all the great people there as well.

5. What was the experience like for Harper and Sydnee to film Suburgatory?

Well, it was a last minute arrangement and we went to the lot late in the day not knowing what to expect. The scene was to be filmed in the entry way of a house on the lot and we were told they were going to be in heels and a wig! It was very cold that night and we shot the scene at about 9:30 pm. We woke them up right before the scene and they both ended up crying so we had to switch them back and forth a few times before we got the right shot. It was a good experience for them and the scene turned out to be rather comical.

6. How hard was it to film Camila’s last scenes with the girls?

It was a sad day for many people that day. We were always and still are close to Camila and she is such a sweetheart. She did such an excellent job that day and the babies were definitely in the moment. They bonded with her so well that when those scenes came around, it seemed like the babies knew something was going on. We were all kind of sad that day.

7. How do Harper and Sydnee like working with Kate Mansi?

The babies have grown fond of Kate and have no problem working with her. She is a great person to be around and she has spent some time with the babies off the set as well and they feel very comfortable with her.

8. Have they missed seeing Camila and Chandler?

The answer here is yes. Camila and Chandler are such great people with big hearts and they really took the time to bond with the babies. They were an absolute pleasure to be around. We still show the babies pictures of them both so they continue to recognize them as they were very special to the babies in the first year or so of their life.

9. Is there anyone on the show you hope they will get a chance to work with soon?

Jen Lilley, Greg Vaughan and Eric Martsolf would probably top the list. Such great people and all three have spent time with the babies and the babies always enjoy their company.

10. What have been your favorite scenes Harper and Sydnee have done this year?

That’s tough to say. Christmas scenes are probably the most enjoyable. Everything on the set and in the studio is very festive and typically you see more cast members during those times. Plus they usually dress up which is always fun.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It continues to be such a great experience and we are very blessed to be involved with something so special. The show is outstanding and we are very thankful for the opportunity. The people in and around the show are so nice and it’s truly a family atmosphere. Also, a special thank you to Guy and Freddie. They are both outstanding people and have spent so much time with the babies. The babies call them by their first name and always light up when they see either of them.


We’d like to thank Harper, Sydnee, and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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