Ellie and Rose Karchmer played the role of Parker Jonas on Days of our Lives. This year the girls were in an episode of Mad Men and can be seen in a Lexus commercial. To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site.


1. How did the girls enjoy filming Days of Our Lives with Nadia Bjorlin?

They really enjoyed it! Nadia was very sweet to them and would come to the dressing room to see and play with them before they went to set.


2. What was it like working with Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother?

They didn’t spend much time with him, but he was very nice and made sure they were having fun.


3. How did Ellie enjoy filming her Lexus Commercial?

Both Ellie & Rose were there to film the commercial, but Ellie ended up being the only one to film. Ellie liked getting to make different faces for her close-up shots. The girls really enjoyed the fitting most of all and trying on several different dresses!


4. Has she seen it on TV? If so how did she react?

The girls think it’s normal to see themselves on TV- LOL! They don’t realize there is anything unusual about it!


5. How did you feel when you found out the girls were going to be on Criminal Minds?

When they booked the role, we didn’t know at the time how big of a role it would be. We thought it was only filming for 1 day and they ended up filming for 5 days!


6. What was it like working with Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer?

They thought it was so cool to work with Kiki from the Fresh Beat Band! We had seen her and met her when the Fresh Beat Band played a concert here in LA. They are fans of the show.


7. What was the hardest part of filming the bathtub scene?

It was very difficult because Rose did not want to be held by the actor. Luckily it was just one quick take and I was right behind the wall and able to hold her as soon as they said “cut”! It was very difficult for me to watch that scene when the episode aired.


8. How do Ellie and Rose spend their time between filming scenes for their projects?

The girls love to draw and color. They also like to play games on the ipad- their favorite games are Monkey Preschool Lunch Box, Toca Boca and Disney Palace Pets.


9. What was the experience like for Ellie and Rose to film their Mad Men episode?

We were on a big ranch and they loved getting to walk around outside when they weren’t filming. Their wardrobe was vintage and the costumer was so excited for the girls to wear a jacket she had for several years, but hadn’t been used. Unfortunately the scene was cut from the episode. Maybe it will be included on a DVD that includes deleted scenes??


10. What have the girls been up to this year?

The girls are in Pre-K and love their weekly cooking class. They love art- coloring, painting, cutting and pasting to make pictures. They also really enjoy gymnastics! They got a dog this year and like to take him to the dog park and see all of the other dogs there. They also really enjoy swimming!


We’d like to thank Ellie and Rose for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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