Alina Foley played Claire Brady on Days of Our Lives in 2008. This year, she continued on her show The League and also began recording episodes of the new Nick Jr. cartoon Shimmer & Shine which is set to debut sometime in 2015. To keep up to date, make sure to check back here on the site.


1. How did you enjoy attending the Frozen premiere with your Dad?

I thought the Frozen premiere was awesome! The movie was very cute and it was fun to show my friend, Zoe, what it’s like attending a premiere.

2. What has been your favorite event to attend?

hmm…I’d have to go with The Spy Next Door premiere. It was the best feeling to see how people reacted to our work. Knowing that you can make a whole audience of people laugh, cry, ext is pretty amazing.

3. What was it like getting to meet Cesar Millan?

It was totally cool working with someone with so much experience and knowledge about dogs. I’m a bit of an animal addict so I love being able to learn more about one of my favorite creatures. He also helped a lot with my dog’s *clears throat* behavioral problems.

4. How have you enjoyed working with Isabella and Eva on Shimmer & Shine?

I definitely enjoy working with Isabella and Eva. They’re probably some of the sweetest, most talented girls I know and the whole cast gets along great.

5. What’s it like now to look back on videos of yourself from Days or The Spy Next Door?

Hilarious. my friends and I stalk 5 year old Alina when we need a laugh or if they just want to embarrass me

6. Do you have any funny or interesting stories to share from anything you’ve worked on?

Well, at the time we were shooting The Spy Next Door, I was downright terrified of escalators! As soon as I realized I would have to go down an escalator, I was seriously considering just giving up. But I would practice every day in the nearby malls, each day closer to the scene the more I dreaded it. Finally the horrific day came when I would have to go down what was (in my mind) the tallest, steepest escalator in the world. Once the deed was done I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I even got skittles afterwards. But, to this day, I’m still a little wary of the foot eating, supernatural, and highly dangerous stair like phenomena known as escalators.

7. What’s it like to shoot when other kids are on set for The League?

I love it when there’s other kids on set to keep me company. I spend almost every episode surrounded by adults and have come to realize that poor little Ellie has about one friend every two seasons or so. That’s partially why I’m so excited by the appearance of fellow children on the show.

8. Who has been your favorite guest star on The League?

I honestly can’t decide. Many of my friends who are football fans were totally psyched when I got to meet Darren Sproles though.

9. What has been your favorite scene to film for The League this season?

My favorite scene was the Fro-yo for cancer scene because A: I got to hang out with another girl close to my age and B: fro-yo is, you know, yummm…

10. Do you have an all time favorite episode of The League?

My favorite episode of the league to shoot was the one where Taco opens up an (old) dogs petting zoo and I got to play with doggies all day which is like my dream!


We’d like to thank Alina for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

(Image by Grettel Cortes)

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