Nadia and Talia Hartounian play the role of Sydney DiMera on Days of Our Lives. The girls have been seen on CSI: NY, on the product packaging for Jakks Pacific Disney Princess dolls and more! To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back here at the site.


1. How did the girls get started in the industry?

A manager approached them at 5 months, she liked them & handed me her card. I signed them up with an agency at 7 months.


2. What was the experience like filming CSI: NY?

It was fun working on CSI NY because we got to run around on set & eat clams – Nadia

The set was dark and a little scary at first – Talia


3. What’s it like to be part of a major soap like Days of Our Lives?

I like working with Johnie and Allie – Talia

I like acting with Sami & EJ – Nadia


4. Is there a way to tell the girls apart on screen?

Yes, Talia has a small mole on the left side right above her upper lip and Nadia has a dimple when she smiles on her left cheek.


5. How do you enjoy working with the Rose and Kunitz twins?

I love working with them because they are a lot of fun – Nadia

I like working with them because they are so funny! – Talia


6. What is it like working with Alison Sweeney?

I like working with Alison, she is very pretty and nice – Nadia

It’s fun working with her & I like seeing her pretty dresses & cool hair – Talia


7. How do you like working with James Scott?

I like him especially when he carries me up high – Nadia

It’s fun to hear him speak British! – Talia


8. How do you decide who shoots which scenes?

Mom usually decides, we take turns each time we are on set


9. What was Talia’s Jakks Pacific/Tolly Tots shoot like?

Talia was 2 1/2 and doesn’t remember that shoot well. She had a great time getting her hair done, holding her baby, smiling for the camera, and playing with the cool set teacher.


10. Do you have a favorite scene you have done for Days of Our Lives so far?

I like the jail scene of me with Sami, Johnie and Allie – Nadia

I like the scene of me and Kristen, she gets upset at me while I’m playing with a doll on top of a box – Talia


Is there anything else you would like to add?

It’s cool that I get to act on DOOL, I get to wear lip gloss and I love to get my hair curled – Nadia

I like to act and to wear lip gloss – Talia

The girls love music, dancing and take hip hop classes. They have done a Unicef commercial, a Hoover commercial, CSI- NY, Target, Disney, and Walmart print jobs.


We’d like to thank Nadia, Talia, and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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