Lauren Boles plays the part of Ciara Brady on Days Of Our Lives. She has also been seen on Glee and Austin & Ally. To keep up to date make sure to keep checking back at the site.



1. What was it like to return to Glee and shoot another episode?

It was really exciting when I got called to tape another episode of Glee! I wanted to see Lea Michele again and give her a hug. I loved being able to do ballet!


2. How do you like playing the Ciara acts out stories?

I LOVE being able to get mad at people on stage that I would never yell at in real life. I usually don’t act like this at home, but it’s fun to try it out while acting.


3. What is it like working with Eileen Davidson?

Eileen is so funny backstage! She likes to joke around with me.


4. How do you like working with Greg Vaughan?

Greg is priceless and tells super funny stories about his three boys at home. He’s really sarcastic with me. Plus, he’s got the looks!


5. What was the best part about filming this year’s Halloween episode?

The best part was being able to flirt with a boy I had never met before.


6. What was the Day of Days event like this year?

This year was probably the best Days event ever because I got to be the host’s assistant on stage.


7. Do you have a favorite event that you’ve attended?

The Day of Days event.


8. Have you ever been recognized in public for Days or any other role?

Yes!! I get recognized often for Days of our Lives, Glee, and Austin and Ally.


9. What has been your favorite scene to film for Days this year?

I liked the episode where Hope and Ciara are fighting over the backpack in the Horton Square.


10. What has been your biggest achievement this year?

I have learned many new songs on the piano. I love playing!


We’d like to thank Lauren for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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