Lauren Boles plays the role of Ciara Brady on Days of Our Lives. She’s been seen on Glee, Austin & Ally and in commercials for comapnies such as Orville Redenbacher and AT&T. To keep up to date make sure to visit her Official Website!


1. Did you get nervous having to sing on Austin & Ally?

Not really, but a lot of people were watching me on set.


2. Is there anything in the industry you haven’t done yet that you would really like to do? (ie. print, voice over, web series)

I would like to do a kid’s comedy movie and take Improv comedy classes so I could do live shows.


3. If you had to choose a horror movie or a comedy which do you think you would like doing and why?

I would like to do a comedy because I like to make people laugh.


4. Can you describe Ciara in three words?

Ciara: caring, intelligent, adventurous


5. How do you like filming scenes where the show includes friends for Ciara?

I LOVE it because I can play with them backstage between scenes.


6. You have really grown up this last year I think, especially since seeing your most recent Days episode with Grandma Caroline. We have seen Ciara in some pretty major storylines before. Now that you are getting older is there any storylines you would really like for Ciara do?

I would like to go live at Theo’s house for a month, so we could play all the time. We could hide in the attic and talk about things and play games.


7. How did you react when you found out Peter Reckell was leaving Days?

I was very upset and sad because I became very close with him. I will miss him.


8. Is there any actor on Days that you haven’t worked with yet and you’d like to work with in the future?

I would like for Ciara to hang out with Brady for a day. We could go roller skating. He’s funny and handsome!


9. What is your favorite memory of working with Peter Reckell?

My favorite memory with Peter is the first scene that I ever taped. He picked me up and started to dance with me.


10. What has been your favorite scene to film on Days this year?

My favorite scene I taped this year was for Christmas. I can’t give it away so stay tuned! You will see it in December.


Thank you!!!

Lauren Boles


We’d like to thank Lauren and her family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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