Emily Alyn Lind played the role of Emma on All My Children. She’s been seen on Revenge, Criminal Minds and most recently Hawaii 5-0! Her movie Won’t Back Down opened this year and she has several new projects in the works. To keep up to date make sure to follow her on Twitter and visit her page on Facebook!


1. What was your favorite scene you did on All My Children?

I miss All My Children so much! The most fun I had on the show was when they were celebrating my character’s birthday…it was ACTUALLY my birthday so it was amazing! It was a complete coincidence that they were on the same day. The cast and crew had a real party for me AND my character had a big party too. My character had this beautiful dress and Jo Jo, the hair stylist did my hair up and curly and red carpetish. I LOVED it! They also made me this enormous banner and everyone signed it – Susan Lucci right in the middle..I have it framed and hanging in my bedroom.


2. What was your favorite part about working with Rebecca Budig on All My Children?

Rebecca was like my sister/ mom…I really miss her. She was so easy and fun to be around. I was always happy when I knew my scenes were with her. And she was sooo beautiful! She had the most amazing shoes! I really looked up to her.


3. How did you like filming the Haunting in Georgia?

The Haunting in Georgia was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I loved Baton Rouge – and it was the holidays so I have great memories of shooting there. It was really cool because Chad Michael Murray played my Dad and he was on One Tree Hill with my Mom, so I already knew him. Actually, I was the first baby Chad ever held in real life. And this was the first time he ever played a Dad…so strange, huh? I also was looking for my dog when I was there and he arrived that Christmas, when we finished filming. That’s why we call her “Georgie”….because of Haunting in “Georgia.”


4. What were your first thoughts upon learning the story of Won’t Back Down?

When my Mom and I read Won’t Back Down we couldn’t stop crying. The script was amazing. I didn’t know a lot about dyslexia so I started reading about it on-line. I felt so honored that I was able to touch so many kids with Malia’s story. It’s such a difficult thing to live with and so many people don’t understand how difficult it is to learn with dyslexia.


5. How did you enjoy working with Maggie and Viola?

Maggie was an amazing acting partner. I learned from watching her get ready for a scene and how focused she was. I think because she was a real mom of a little girl, that she really “got” our relationship. Viola is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I loved hanging out with her on set because she has such a great sense of humor. I was so lucky to work with two of the best female actresses out there today.


6. You have mostly done drama, horror, and thrillers but you have two films coming up that are comedies. ‘A White Trash Christmas’ and ‘Movie 43’ — How did you like that change in genre?

I actually love comedy. People always tell me that I’m a funny, goofy person, but I keep getting cast in theses serious roles. It was a nice break to play some characters that were a little lighter and fun. I can’t wait to see both of those films. This year I also worked with Melissa McCarthy on a pilot. She is one of my favorite comedic actresses and I was so excited to get to know her.


7. What was the best part of filming for Hawaii 5-0?

The best part of filming Hawaii 5-0 was well….HAWAII!!!!! I had always wanted to vacation there. My Dad shot Soul Surfer in Hawaii, but I was always working and couldn’t visit. The whole family came with me on this shoot so we could squeeze in some fun too. But other than Hawaii, the cast was really great. Tom Arnold was guesting with me and I was so sad to say good-bye to him at wrap. I really felt connected to him – he was just so easy to hang out with – super nice guy!And most of my scenes were with Alex – who was always teaching me things…I had never seen a coconut tree so he had a couple of guys cut down some coconuts – chop them in half right in front of me – and I drank the juice. It was like drinking happiness it was so good! He was about to have a baby – and he was so great with me, that I told him he was going to make a great Dad. I can’t wait to visit Hawaii again. There’s something magical about it there.


8. How much have you and your sisters learned about acting from your Mom?

We have learned everything from my Mom about acting. But she’s taught us about the whole business too – how to always be prepared, how to get enough sleep, how to appreciate every single person on set, how to make the most of every job, how to mix business with pleasure…She dedicated so much of her life to acting that I feel so lucky to have her experience every day.


9. You stay busy quite a bit with lots of projects. Is it hard getting used to being away from some of your family while being on one of your film shoots and your whole family can’t come with you? Or are you used to it?

I was gone for three months shooting a movie called “Hidden” in Vancouver. It was probably the most difficult shoot because it was the first time that my family couldn’t visit. My sisters were both working and we couldn’t coordinate dates where we were all free. It was hard on my Mom because she flew back and forth ten times to be on set with Aly and Natalie. My favorite jobs are out of town AND my family gets to come too. I feel like that’s the best of both worlds.


10. What has been your favorite project to work with this year?

My favorite job this year was “Hidden”…a thriller for Warner Brothers. The film is all about a family of 3 who has to live underground because they think the world may have come to an end. It’s scary and sad and intense – it’s exactly the kind of movie that I would be excited to see in the theatre. I worked every day – probably the hardest I’ve worked on a film – but every second was awesome.


I’m so lucky that I get to do what I love to do most – acting. I never take for granted that I’ve gotten so many great opportunities. And I’m always so excited to see where this great job is going to take me next!


We’d like to thank Emily and her family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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