Ellie and Rose Karchmer played the part of Parker Kiriakis on Days Of Our Lives. Since leaving the role the girls have been a part of other projects including How I Met Your Mother and a Genworth commercial.


1. How was the day on set for the girls when filming Genworth?

It was a little hectic because the director had a very specific idea in mind of what he wanted the girls to do. They really wanted to capture what looked like a baby’s first steps and they knew the girls would take more steps towards someone they knew. One of our babysitters ended up being in the spot as the “mom”.


2. What was it like for everyone to see the girls in a commercial?

It was very exciting to see the finished commercial! There was even a 15 second edit of the commercial that aired online that just featured the girls. That was fun to see.


3. What was the easiest part of filming a commercial compared to TV? Hardest?

The easiest part of filming a commercial is that they are capturing a shorter amount of time on film. The hardest part is that there is usually a very specific concept of what should happen in the commercial so they do a lot of takes to make sure they get it exactly right.


4. What was it like filming Private Practice?

Private Practice was a bit creepy because the baby ended up having a breathing problem and was supposed to turn blue. Ellie & Rose and the other set of twins had to go to a model studio to have a fake “blue” baby made that would be shown as the baby that would be revived.


5. Do you have a favorite actor that the girls got to work with?

Their favorite actor would probably still be Nadia Bjorlin because they got to work with her so much and really developed a relationship with her.


6. What was it like working with Alyson Hannigan?

Alyson was so sweet with the girls. You can tell she is a great mom!


7. Is there someone from How I Met Your Mother you wish the girls had the chance to work with or was there anyone not involved in their scene you got to meet?

It was a pretty big scene, so in addition to working with Alyson and Jason Segel, they also got to see Neil Patrick Harris.


8. Do both Ellie and Rose film each booking or has there been a time we have only seen one of the girls on screen?

They usually take turns filming. It can change as to who likes working more and right now Ellie is the one more comfortable on set. They did get to play twins once, but that is very unusual.


9. Have the girls seen themselves on TV? If so can they tell themselves apart?

The girls haven’t seen themselves on TV yet. It will be funny when they do get that chance!


10. What is your favorite industry moment with the girls from this year?

The girls filmed an episode of 2 Broke Girls and had fun on set, but unfortunately the scenes were cut from the episode that aired. It was a treat to work with Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, Brooke Lyons and Fred Savage (Director)!


Happy Holidays to everyone from the Karchmer Family!


We’d like to thank Ellie, Rose and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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