Elizabeth and Mariam Tovey played the part of Sydney DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. The girls have also been seen on The Unit and in the movie the hangover. Make sure to visit their Official Website to keep up to date!!


1. What was the first day at Days like?

It was very exciting to be at Days.


2. How did the girls like filming Rafe and Sami’s wedding?

The twins loved it .They both wanted to be on set to be with the princess Sami


3. What was it like working with Joseph Mascolo?

The twins will call him grampa.


4. How did the girls like working with Alyssa and Aidan/Andrew on The Unit?

The Unit was the Elizabeth and Mariam’ first acting job. They were so good on set that they were hired for 2 more episodes


5. Do you have a favorite scene they did for the show?

Yes my favorite scene was the wedding scene in the Unit show.


6. How did Elizabeth and Mariam enjoy working with Teresa on the PSA?

The Twins were so excited to work with their older sister Theresa.


7. What was the experience like filming Heroes?

It was a great experience to be on Heroes . They were a nice crew to work with.


8. Now that they are older do the girls decide who gets to film what scene?

Absolutly; I ask them who wants to do this scene and they both wants to go shoot the scene usually. So I end up deciding for them. They always take turns


9. Who have been some of your favorite people the girls have worked with so far?

Ashley Scott- Mekena Melvin- Michael Fiefer the great director- Todd Pliss.


10. What are the girls up to career wise?

Elizabeth and Mariam just filmed new movie for the Director Michael Fiefer that is going to be out soon. also Mariam did a print Job for H&M in Europe. Also the twins with their older sister filmed a pilot for


We love all our fans kisses and hugs to everybody. Merry Christmas everyone.


We’d like to thank Elizabeth and Mariam’s family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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