Alina Foley played the role of Claire Brady on Days of Our Lives. She has been seen in In the Motherhood, The Spy Next Door and holds a recurring role on The League! To keep up to date make sure to visit Alina Online!


1. How cool is to be back on The League set for another season?

Pretty cool! I always enjoyed all the past seasons, and this one has been a blast so far!


2. What was your favorite set to film on for Days of Our Lives?

I don’t really remember a lot of it, but I do remember the scenes in the plane crash. It was really fun, because it was like a roller coaster.


3. Who is your favorite person to work with on The League?

I gotta say, it’s equal. They’re all really fun.


4. What’s it like working with the new baby on The League?

It’s pretty fun. I love little ones and taking care of them, and the babies are adorable (they are twins.)


5. What was recording the voiceover for the Carter’s commercial like?

Well, it was pretty fun. I sort of just sat in the booth and talked. And got some Halloween candy afterwards!


6. How do you like attending all the different premieres?

Actually, I think they’re really fun. First of all, I get to see all new movies before they’re in theaters. And I like the after-parties, and free popcorn. But the red carpet kinda gives me a headache.


7. Do you ever get to go to set with your Dad?

Yes, I do, actually. When I am with my dad and he has to work, I go with him sometimes. Same with my mom.


8. Other than your parents, if you could work with anyone on a show or movie, who would you want to work with?

That’s a really tough choice. Maybe my pets, if they count? Or, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale!


9. Have you ever been recognized in public?

Oh, yeah. Right after the movie came out, everybody at school knew me. But, I’ve also just been walking around and people recognize me from the movie and from The League.


10. What has been your favorite episode that you’ve filmed of The League so far?

Definitely the Halloween one in Season 2 because it was like having an early Halloween, and we got to film with Ripley, the monkey. He visited me in my trailer and I got little monkey kisses!


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, everybody!


We’d like to thank Alina and her family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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