Aaron and Griffin Kunitz play the role of Johnny on Days of Our Lives. The boys have been seen in several national commercials, filmed for Let It Go and Griffin has just begun filming the role of Stan on Cougar Town! To keep up to date make sure to visit their Facebook Page!


1. How did you get started in the industry?

I saw an ad looking for twin boys on a moms newsletter called Jens list I submitted a photo and the next thing I know we are in Front of the casting director at DAYS


2. What was your first day at Days of Our Lives like?

It was fun as it was Dec and everyone was celebrating Christmas


3. How cool is it to be part of Days for several years?

The boys love that they know everyone..when we arrive the boys walk straight into hair and make up to say hi to everyone even though they never have hair and makeup


4. How did you enjoy filming for Let It Go?

That was a lot of fun as we were out and about at different locations one of them at an actual carnival site the other at a COSTCO at night when it was closed to the public


5. What did you think about Johnny’s cancer storyline on Days of Our Lives? What was the hardest part about the cancer storyline?

We tried to keep it light and make a game of it like they were a pirate…it did make them aware that sad things can happen to kids:(


6. How did Griffin feel when he found out he booked Cougar Town?

He was very excited as it was his first role booking without his brother


7. What has it been like filming the show so far?

We have only done one episode and one voice over for the show but it was fun and the cast were great made Griffin very welcome


8. Do you have a favorite holiday to film scenes for on Days?

Christmas of course!


9. Is there someone you haven’t had a chance to work with yet on Days, but would like to?

We don’t think there is anyone ..we have worked with everyone we think


10. What has been your favorite scenes to film this year?

The time when EJ was waiting to take Johnny to school (Griffin)


We want to thank all the loyal fans for continuing to watch without you guys we wouldn’t have a show…look out for more Johnny in the coming weeks


We’d like to thank Aaron, Griffin, and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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