Terrell Ransom Jr. has portrayed Theo Carver on Days of our Lives for almost 4 years now. This year he has done quite a bit of print work and commercials as well as a second episode of The Middle and a voiceover for General Hospital.

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1. What’s it like to film scenes with Lauren?

Lauren is my good friend, so it’s always fun to film scenes with her. We get to talk and laugh in between scenes. I think we really work good as a team, like the time Theo and Ciara ran away together.

2. How did you like working with Tamara Braun (Taylor)?

I only got to work with Ms. Braun a few times, but she was really nice to me.

3. What was the best part of filming the Halloween episode?

The best part was getting to wear the Indian costume. I loved it. Plus I got to work with all of the other Days kids at one time. We got to run around the pub and play on camera. That doesn’t happen a lot, so it was really fun.

4. What was filming for the spoof episode of Days like?

It was different from playing Theo who usually doesn’t talk that much. I got to be a little businessman, and wear a suit and shades. And I was able to put my feet up on the table. Filming that episode was super cool.

5. Do you have a favorite memory for this year’s Day of Days event?

Day of Days is awesome! For the past three years I’ve got to sing Happy Birthday to Days of Our Lives in front of all the fans, because it’s always close to the Anniversary. That is my favorite memory of all. And I love hanging with the cast all day, and meeting the fans, walking the red carpet, signing autographs, taking pictures, doing the Q&A and interviews. I would never want to miss a Day of Days event.

6. What was it like working on Detroit 1-8-7?

Awesome! I got to go back home and spend time with my family and friends when I wasn’t working. That was special! It was kind of like a vacation and work. And it was different than a lot of the other stuff I’ve done, because one of the scenes was at a real restaurant and we were outside at night. People were on the streets watching. A couple ladies asked if I was Theo from Days, and when my mom told them yes, they wanted a picture. That was really cool!

7. How was it going to a different soap set when you did your voiceover for General Hospital?

It was cool working in the sound booth. I got to walk through their sets, it was kind of like Days set, just different houses and stuff.

8. How did you get into the business?

Terrell: I was 3, I told my mom I wanted to be in movies, on TV and in magazines. She didn’t believe me at first because I was only 3, but a few months later when I turned 4, we moved to California.

Mom: The writer’s strike was in full effect when we moved, so it was a waiting game for a while. I sent out pictures to the agents that were accepting submissions at the time because a lot of them weren’t. We met with a few and decided on the one we really liked. A few months later, he got his very first audition which was Days of Our Lives. He booked the role, which turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime, because the writers decided to introduce a powerful autism storyline. Terrell has been apart of the cast for the past 3-1/2 years, which is such a blessing. We are thankful! He’s been fortunate to book other things and stay busy over the past few years as well.

9. Other than Days, what has been your absolute favorite job to work on?

Hmmm…I’ve love every job. I love doing TV, movies, commercials, and print stuff. But I do have two favorites, which is Detroit 1-8-7 because I got to go home to Detroit for 10 days to shoot. It was awesome that I got to do what I really love in the place where I was born.

My second favorite was filming a project under Bad Robot Productions. It was awesome, because the crew was so nice. And the girl that played my sister was awesome. We are really good friends now and text all the time. Plus I got to meet Mr. J.J. Abrams who told us he saw our work and we were doing a really great job.

10. What is your favorite Days memory so far?

Every time I go to Days it is a memory because I love hanging out with the cast. Everyone is so nice. They’re like my second family. It’s so fun sometimes I hate to leave the set. And my TV parents Abe and Lexie, my Grandpa Stefano, Uncle EJ are the greatest! I could not have asked for a better TV family.

I just recently booked a lead role in a movie that I can’t talk about right now, but I’ll be filming on location for three weeks soon. I’m super excited about it!

Be sure to look out for my McDonald’s Alvin and the Chipmunks commercial. It should be airing soon!

We’d like to thank Terrell and his family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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