Spencer, Garrett and Mitchell Grey played the role Zack Brady on Days of our Lives and also played the roles of Raymond Henrickson on Big Love. Mitchell was also backup as Wayne Henrickson on Big Love. Since the finale of Big Love the boys have been busy with their band and recently visited the cast and fans of Days of our Lives at the Day of Days Event.

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1. How did the March Forth come together?

S: Well, it started off where it was just me and my brothers taking music lessons.

G: Yeah I was learning bass.

M: I was taking drum lessons.

S: And I was taking guitar. Then we decided to become a band at our music school. The teachers put us together with Carson and it was cool because we all have the same birthday – March 4th. We didn’t even know until we were trying to name our band!

2. Do the boys ever get recognized for Days or Big Love?

S: Sometimes we do.

G: Yea, one time in front of Albertsons. That was funny.

M: It’s cool when fans come up to us. We love meeting new people that liked us on Days or Big love or even our music.

3. Do they watch their old Days episodes?

S: We don’t have them on DVD!

G: We’ve seen a lot of YouTube thought.

S: I still remember the backstage playroom and everything.

M: We had a lot of toys in there! Legos and the rescue heros were our favorite.

S: Peter and his wife got us a bucket full of legos one time. For Christmas!

4. When they were on Days, who was their favorite person to shoot scenes with?

G: Peter and Christian were so nice. But everyone made it really fun.

5. Who appeared as Zack more often or did they share the role equally?

S: Me and Garrett shared a lot.

M: I was like the stunt man! That’s what Peter called me.

G: Playing Zack was so fun though. Our mom had to mouse our hair brown everyday. It’s kinda like dye but it washes out.

S: We liked the food on set. Bagels mmmmm!

6. Is there any way to tell the boys apart in past episodes?

M: We all looked really similar when we were younger.

S: It was hard to tell the difference back then. Its easier now that we are older.

G: Yeah we look a little different now and we have different personalities.

S: I have a freckle on my left cheek. They call me Spencer Spot so I guess that’s one way to tell us apart.

7. How was shooting Big Love different from Days?

S: Big love had full set houses instead of the 3 walls like Days. And Big Love would shoot with film, not videotape. We were on location a lot for Big Love. With Days, almost everything was on set.

G: On days, we were there for like 4 or 6 hours because there were more cameras filming at the same time. So we would film one episode a day on Days.

M: Big love was like one episode every two weeks. They had lots of “turn-arounds” to re-light and shoot from different angles. One scene could take all day!

8. How did the boys enjoy the Day of Days event?

M: The Days event was fun. People remember us with Brown hair.

G: They kept saying how much they loved Zack and that they were so sad when Zack died.

M: The fans were awesome! We signed a lot of autographs and took pictures with people too!

9. Do the boys keep in touch with their Big Love siblings?

G: Actually yeah. We saw Hayden and Christian (Erin) at Boy Scout camp. Our moms talk to each other on Facebook too.

10. What is the boys favorite Days memory? Big Love?

S: Coming back as a ghost was so cool. We got to help Theo Carver (Terrell Ransom Jr.) find his way back to his parents. Zack’s ghost was nice.

G: Filming the Christmas scene. We got to dress up like a little Santa.

Our band March Forth has a free song download up on ( And we have a video with behind the scenes of recording and even some Days footage. ( We really would like to mix both music and acting in the future. Please add us to your newsfeed on facebook at ! 🙂

We’d like to thank Spencer, Garrett, Mitchell and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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