Lauren Boles has been portraying Ciara Brady on Days of our Lives for almost four years now. She has also made appearances on shows such as Glee, Conan and very soon she will appear on the new Disney show Austin & Ally!

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1. How did you like filming the Theo and Ciara run away storyline?

It was fun because we got to ride in the truck and do scenes with no adults.

2. Do you ever get to see Aaron/Griffin, Sahara/Isabella or Carolyn/Campbell?

No, not really. Only sometimes.

3. How did you like filming the Halloween episode and getting to dress up as a pirate?

I liked when Bo told us the spooky story. I liked the skull pirate purse that I wore.

4. What was it like to film Conan?

I like comedy and telling jokes so it was fun for me.

5. Do you have a favorite memory from this year’s Day of Days event?

The best part was when I visited with fans while they were waiting in line and could take pictures with them.

6. What was shooting Austin & Ally like?

Trish (Raini Rodriguez) was hysterical. She made me laugh and said funny things.

7. Do you have any funny stories from any of the shows or commercials you’ve done?

My favorite joke is, “Conan almost fired my ‘dad’ for looking him in the eyes….my dad is blind!”

8. What was the best part of filming your Orville commercial?

There was popcorn everywhere. The teacher had on a popcorn necklace, popcorn earrings and a popcorn crown. There was a big popcorn dinosaur too.

9. Do you have a favorite set to film on?

My favorite set to film is the Brady Pub.

10. What have been your favorite scenes to film this year?

The Christmas Eve show because we got to hang ornaments on the tree.

Austin & Ally is going to come out on December 4th and that’s my Birthday! I think I will be on episode four.

We’d like to thank Lauren and her family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A Event!

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