Haley Pullos has been portraying Molly Lansing on General Hospital since July 2009. This year, she has appeared on the show House and in a series of Staples commercials as well as some big storylines on GH!

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1. How did you like filming the Morgan, Molly & Josslyn take off scenes?

It was really fun! Karleigh (Josslyn) seemed to really take to me. There were times while we were shooting those scenes that Karleigh wanted to go to her mom, but she let me comfort her instead. Love that!!

2. What’s the best thing about playing a character like Molly?

There are two great things about getting to play Molly. The first is that I learn a lot from her. She gets great lines with some really big words and I have to know them to be able to say them convincingly. She also introduces me to books that I might never have known about that I’ve since read and loved. The second thing is that Molly is kinda nerdy — she makes it okay to be smart. And I love that so many young people can identify with that.

3. What is your favorite scene to have filmed with Lexi?

There are so many, it’s hard to pick just one. But, if I had to choose, I’d say the scene where Kristina takes the blame for Molly breaking their mother’s vase. It was a really sweet moment and I felt like it was exactly what sisters would do for each other.

4. How do you like working with Sean Blakemore?

Sean is AMAZING!! I feel really honored that the writers let Molly be the one who introduced Shawn to the audience. We got to see what a wonderful person he is when he helped Molly understand and cope with her PTSD. Off stage, Sean is just as wonderful: always smiling, always interested in what’s happened to me since the last time we chatted. He’s really special.

5. What was the best part of filming your Staples commercials?

I got to be me. The girl in those commercials — at least the ones on the internet (the girl in the TV commercial is kinda bratty) — is the real Haley Pullos. So, it was nice getting to reveal myself to the audience.

6. How do you like working with Andrea Boggart and Kelly Sullivan?

Well, I haven’t gotten to do a scene with Kelly Sullivan yet. But she was on stage while I was working. She came over and introduced herself to me — which is so sweet because she’s an adult and I’m just a kid, but that didn’t matter to her, she just wanted us to be friends. She’s so nice!! Andrea is such a sweetheart too. Between scenes while we were filming Sonny’s and Brenda’s wedding, Andrea helped me with ballet. She used to be a ballet instructor and she’s REALLY good!!

7. What is it like working with Maurice?

Maurice is so cool. He may seem intimidating on screen, but he’s the biggest teddy-bear in real life. Whenever I do a scene with Maurice, I get enveloped in the moment — his eyes just draw you in and make you forget that there are cameras and crew watching you. And, I helped him with his ballet too 🙂

8. What has been your favorite GH wedding to film?

Sonny’s and Brenda’s — I got so caught up in it. I was crying through the whole thing because, like Molly, I’m a hopeless romantic!

9. What is it like working with John J York?

HE IS SO FUNNY!! He’s always telling jokes and goofing around between scenes. I’m an easy target, I think, because he always has me laughing 🙂

10. What have been your favorite scenes to film this year?

I got do some pretty emotional stuff with Sean and Lexi related to Molly’s PTSD — that was cool. And I LOVED when Molly was the first to learn the identity of the Balkan. But I’ll never forget my last scene with Lexi.

General Hospital fans are the GREATEST!!! 😀

We’d like to thank Haley and her family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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