Ellie and Rose Karchmer played Parker Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives. The girls were also in in shows House and How I Met Your Mother. Most recently the girls have shot a commercial for Genworth.

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1. What was it like to be involved in a major storyline on a soap opera?

We didn’t know what to expect from the role. Most people told me that it would likely only last a short time before they aged the character. It was a very interesting storyline and I was anxious to get the scripts each week to seewhere the writers were going with it! It was emotional to watch the actors filming their scenes near the end. I think many moms can identify with experiencing post partum depression…although not quite to the level that Chloe did!

2. What’s the biggest different between filming a project like Days and House?

When Ellie & Rose are extras on prime time show, it is usually waiting in a dressing room or trailer, a quick visit to set to get the scene and then they get to go home. On Days we actually got a chance to get to know the cast and crew because they were in so many episodes which was an amazing experience.

3. What was the experience like filming How I Met Your Mother?

The episode of How I Met Your Mother was a really fun episode with a wedding reception. There were a lot of actors and extras, and several other babies involved. Ellie and Rose are more mobile now, so they liked crawling and walking around to the different dressing rooms to meet people. Even with so many people and an elaborate setting, the set was very down-to-earth and relaxed.

4. Is there a particular actor the girls really liked to be around on set of How I Met Your Mother?

They got to work with both Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, which was a real treat!

5. Have the girls had the chance to see Jay or Nadia since leaving Days?

No, we haven’t been in touch with any of the actors from Days.

6. Do the girls get recognized by Days fans?

No, the girls haven’t been recognized, although most people comment when seeing identical twins!

7. Who have been some of your favorite people the girls have worked with?

I think our favorite people have been the studio teachers and baby nurses because the girls actually spend more time with them than with the actors on set.

8. Have the girls ever done Print work?

They haven’t done any print work, but they did shoot a TV commercial for Genworth that should be airing soon.

9. What has been your favorite show that the girls have done?

I think my favorite show was How I Met Your Mother because I’m a fan of the show.

10. What is your favorite Days of Our Lives memory with the girls?

I think the last day was probably my favorite. The cast and crew were sorry to see us go and most of them stopped by to say good-bye and took pictures with Ellie & Rose. There was also a scene that never aired with Nadia singing a lullaby while Rose slept in her arms. I wish we all had been able to see that!

We’d like to thank the Karchmer family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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