Elizabeth and Mariam Tovey played the role of Sydney Dimera on Days of our Lives. The girls were also regulars on The Unit and also appeared in the movie The Hangover.

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1. How did the girls like working with James and Ari?

The twins Loves James When I first introduced them to him they both gave him a big hug and they loved him very much. The twins as well loved working with Ari they loved her on set and out. She was very sweet with them.

2. What was it like working with Alison and Galen?

Galen, When they first meat him they liked him a lot. Mariam told me Mommy I like him a lot. also Elizabeth answered I liked him too.
They always called Alison the princess.

3. How did the girls like working with Aaron/Griffin and Carolyn/Campbell?

They did like Aaron/Griffin and Carolyn/Campbell. Every time they encounter them Mariam and Elizabeth will go give them hugs.

4. Did the girls prefer one actor over another on Days?

Elizabeth and Mariam are very loving Kids they liked everybody but they were the closest to Ariana. She played always with them every time she saw them. They called James, Galen Daddy also Ariana and Alison Mommy. The twins loved being with everybody on set.

5. What was it like filming The Hangover?

The Hangover was a great fun project. Elizabeth and Mariam enjoyed being on set even though we had long time filming on set.

6. How did Elizabeth enjoy filming the HEB commercial ?

Elizabeth loved filming the HEB commercial. She got to spend the day there in Altadena area where we filmed the commercial.

7. How was working on The Unit different from working on Days?

What was in common that the twins played the daughter of the leads Character in both The Unit and in Days. The Unit is a different TV show and has a lot of action Military, also is filmed outdoor not only in the studios.

Days is a soap and the subject is different it is filmed only indoors.

8. How did the girls get into the business?

Elizabeth and Mariam were 3 months old when they first started. they first did the Unit Show.

9. Is there any way to tell the girls apart?

Sometimes I can’t tell them apart myself (the mommy) they look alike with everything.

10. What is your favorite Days memory with the girls?

The first day we walked in the Studio How much everybody welcomed us. We felt like family and home working together. God bless them all.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you.

We’d like to thank Elizabeth and Mariam’s family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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