Davin Ransom played the role of Spencer Cassidine on General Hospital. He can also be seen in the movie Iron Man 2. Most recently he can be seen in his short film Neverland.

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1. How did you feel after you were cast as Spencer?

I felt excited and important. I was glad all my hard work memorizing the lines paid off!

2. How did you like working with Constance Towers?

Everyone is nice on set and makes me feel welcome.

3. What was it like working with Becky?

She is nice and always smiling.

4. What was your first day on set for GH like?

It was exciting and I got my own green room and everyone was so nice to me.

5. What was the best part of filming In the Motherhood?

It was funny, and I a fun experience!

6. Do you have a favorite actor that you’ve worked with?

I have met some neat people working on shows such as Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards, Ben Stiller and at my Neverland short film showing I got to meet Jerry Trainor

7. How did you get into the business?

I started with extra work after a friends mom said she thought I would be good at it.

8. Did you have a favorite GH set to film on?

I liked the carnival scene where we got to ride on the merry go round.

9. What has been your favorite project to work on?

Iron Man II was my favorite. I was so excited and the director John Favreau was so nice to me.

10. What is your favorite GH memory?

Being with Braydon on set and playing in the Green rooms. We always had fun together!

I enjoy being on set, and I am looking forward to hopefully an exciting new role. I loved doing the short film Neverland with the director Alex Albreicht and I hope I can do something like that again soon.

We’d like to thank Davin and his family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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