Bailey and Rowan portrayed Parker on Days of our Lives for a few episodes last year. The girls have also appeared on shows such as Private Practice, CSI: Miami and United States of Tara.

Q&A is not to be duplicated elsewhere and claimed as their own.

1. What was the experience like working on Days?

It was really fun and exciting!

2. What was it like working with Nadia Bjorlin?

She seemed very nice and was great with the babies.

3. What’s the biggest different between filming a project like Days and United States of Tara?

Its hard to compare because we worked so much more regularly on Tara. On Tara we had our own dressing room, our own nurses and teachers, craft services, etc.

4. What was filming Private Practice like?

We had a great time on Private Practice. It was only one day for us but our girls had great screen time in the end and had a great day on set.

5. What was the first day on set for Days like?

It was very exciting because it was the first day for the girls working at all. We were put in John Aniston’s dressing room which was fun and both girls got to work.

6. What has been your favorite show that the girls have done?

We really had fun doing all of the shows but I guess our favorite would have to be United States of Tara because we worked so regularly there and got to know everyone. 90210 was also great.

7. Are there any funny behind the scenes stories from any of the shows they’ve done?

I think dressing the girls in baby leather pants for their role on 90210 might have been one of the funnier experiences.

8. What was the girls’ first role?

Their first day of work was on Days but the first show that aired was House.

9. How did the girls get into the business?

Both their father and I are in the entertainment business. I saw a listing for an audition when the girls were a few weeks old which was for Days. Through that they got an agent.

10. What is your favorite Days memory with the girls?

I think changing a poopy diaper in John Aniston’s dressing room bathroom and having my jewish daughters baptized on national television tie for my favorite memories.

11. Anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing to add except what a great experience this whole thing has been. We’ve made some great friends and had alot of great times!

We’d like to thank Bailey and Rowan’s family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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