Aaron and Griffin Kunitz have been playing the role of Johnny DiMera on Days of Our Lives since 2009! Recently, you’ve probably spotted them in commercials for Cadillac and Centrum Energy!

Q&A is not to be duplicated elsewhere and claimed as their own.

1. How do the boys like working with Alison Sweeney?

She is nice to me *Griffin*… She is fun to work with *Aaron*

2. What is it like working with James Scott?

He has a great accent*Griffin and Aaron*our Mom has an accent

3. How did the boys like filming Johnny’s cancer storyline?

I like wearing the eye patch and pretending to be a pirate *Griffin*

I liked it when Chad brought me a stuffed frog *Aaron*

4. What was it like for the boys to be able to share a scene for
the July 4th parody episode on Days?

They loved being on set together

5. What was the best part of filming the Cadillac commercial?

Riding through the sprinklers *Griffin*

Getting to say “Hi Dad” at the end *Aaron*

6. What is the boys favorite commercial to have filmed?

Hersheys for Aaron…Centrum Specialist for Griffin

7. What was it like on set for Savages?

I Had fun doing my own stunt and meeting Oliver Stone *Aaron*

8. Do the boys have a favorite set to work on?

Johnnys bedroom *Aaron*

the boardroom for the 4th of July scene *Griffin*

9. What’s it like working with all the other kids on Days?

Awesome …I like hanging out with all the kids especially Terrell.. *Griffin*

… I think it is super I like seeing Terrell..*Aaron*

10. What have been some of the boys’ favorite scenes to film?

Halloween for Both of us

We like being on Days of Our Lives and love being actors

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all our fans!

We’d like to thank Aaron, Griffin, and their family for participating in this year’s Holiday Q&A event!

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