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Emily Alyn Lind played the role of “Emma Lavery” on All My Children earlier this year, and has since gone on to film numerous movies and television shows. Her older sister Natalie has also been seen this year on shows such as Flashpoint and iCarly. All questions answered by the girls themselves.

1. What has been Emily’s and Natalie’s favorite role(s) to play?

Emily: My favorite role of all time was probably “young Linda” in Enter The Void because it was my first really big project and I was so excited about being an actress. Also I worked with a director named Gaspar Noe. He spoke French, but for some reason we communicated so well. He had a great big heart and he was like a kid. He was a great guy to have as a first director. BUT, every single role I’ve played has been special for different reasons.

Natalie: My favorite role was Alexis on Flashpoint. It was very demanding but it was so much fun! I was chased by killers all over Toronto. There was ALOT of crying and screaming. I was drained by the end of the week, but I was so sad it was over. Because we were on location, we stayed in a hotel in downtown Toronto. I love working away from home – it’s a little like being on vacation while you work.

2. What was Emily’s experience like on set of November Christmas?

Doing November Christmas was extra special because I felt so much for my character. I’ve been healthy my whole life and I learned during this movie what it’s like for children who have to live with illness. I started my “love fund” during this movie. Whenever I work, I collect money on the set for Make a Wish Foundation. On the set of Haunting in Georgia I’ve already raised 600 dollars.

3. Were the girls on set together for Flashpoint and what was it like for them to work on the same project?

Emily: It is always sooo great to work with my sister, Natalie. My mom loves it because she doesn’t have to choose which one of us to be with! It was really great when we played sisters in Blood Done sign my Name because we didn’t have to get to know each other. I want to get a movie that my WHOLE family can be in and my Dad can direct!

Natalie: It was so cool that Emily played “me” as a little girl. We’ve never thought that we looked alike but the producers thought it would work. It was the second time that we worked on the same project and we loved it. My mom likes that she doesn’t have to choose who she’s going to be with at work! It’s great to work with your sister or someone that you already know really well because you don’t have to go through that weird phase of getting to know each other when you get on set. “Hi! I’m your sister! Let’s pretend that we really love each other!”

4. What was it like watching your Mom Filming on One Tree Hill? And how different was it when you got into acting rather than just watching your Mom Acting?

Emily: I loved watching my mom work on One Tree Hill. That’s why I’m doing it now. I knew when I was 1 that I wanted to do what my Mom did. It’s so great because right now I’m working with Chad Michael Murray who I already knew because of One Tree Hill. I was the first real baby he ever held SEVEN years ago! And now he’s playing my Dad!

Natalie: My very first professional job was on “One Tree Hill”. I was 5 years old – I was so excited and I think my Mom was a nervous wreck! But that’s how my sister and I got started and we’ve been doing it ever since. I love watching my Mom work. She taught us everything about acting and about being on set. All of us love to work. It’s great if my Mom is working and we’re on set, or if we’re working and my Mom is on set. We just all want to be together. We all learn from each other.

5. How does Emily enjoy working on multiple projects?

One time when I was 5, I worked all night until 3 in the morning in Toronto, then flew to South Carolina to the set and worked ALL day until evening, then got back on a plane, flew all night BACK to Toronto to work all day again. And I loved it! My Mom said she knew then that I would do this forever.

6. What’s different about working on TV shows compared to movies?

Emily: I love movies and TV. The only thing I don’t like about movies is that you have to wait so long to see them! And by then, you’re a whole year older!

Natalie: Movies move more slowly. You get to spend more time on each scene. You have to be really prepared for both, but you might get a few more takes working on a movie. An episode of a TV show usually shoots in 8 days, so you have to be ready to move fast. I’m about to shoot “Wizards of Waverly Place”. That’s a whole different process! You rehearse like a play all week, then you shoot in front of a live audience. It’s so exciting to hear the reaction right away – instead of watching it in your living room 3 months later.

7. Does Emily miss the AMC set?

I dont’ think I’ve ever missed anything more in my life! I wish I could do All my Children until I’m 99! But I’m really lucky right now because I’m doing a lot of movies and whenever I’m working I’m really happy. I know how lucky I am.

8. Has Natalie given her little sister any advice on acting?

I started doing this first, when she was 3…so we used to play a game where I was the director and I would give Emily notes on her scenes and tell her to be different characters. We would practice hitting our marks and we would make little movies. Now Emily and I do the same thing with our little sister, Aly. We rehearse our auditons, then Aly repeats all the lines. It’s amazing! She’s really good!!!!

9. What has been the girls favorite towns to travel to for a project?

Natalie: I just fell in love with Halifax. I worked on Emily’s movie “November Christmas” and I had extra time because Emily was so busy. I learned how to deep sea fish and took horse back riding lessons and dance lessons. When one of us gets a job out of town, we all try to go. My mom thinks it’s important to keep us all together. So our trip to Halifax was great because I did a role in the movie, but I got to have fun the rest of the time. We have a lot of relatives in Halifax that I never met so that was neat and the city is sooo pretty!

10. How did Emily enjoy getting to work with Cameron, Melissa, Adam, Brittany and Tate?

Cameron, Melissa, EVERYBODY is so nice on All My Children! I keep in touch with Rebecca and she has been doing so great on Skating with the Stars! I’ve been working so I had to tivo it, but I can’t wait to see if she wins. I hope she does! Guess what I asked for for Christmas? A Susan Lucci silk robe!

We’d like to thank the Lind family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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