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Lauren Boles portrays “Ciara Brady” on Days of Our Lives. Aside from having a kidnapping storyline centered around her and being the daughter of a beloved super couple Lauren was also recently featured in an episode of ‘Glee’.

1. How did Lauren feel after she was cast as Ciara?

I was really excited because I would get to be on the show for a really long time!

2. How did Lauren like filming ‘Glee’?

I loved, loved, loved meeting all the characters, esp. Lea Michelle. She was my “buddy” for the day. Now I watch the show on TV all the time.

3. How old was Lauren when she started acting and how did she get into it?

I was three years old when I started acting. A talent agent came up to me in a store and started talking to my Mommy about me doing acting.

4. How did Lauren enjoy the ‘Samantha’s Friends’ event that she attended?

It was fun to meet all the fans who came from all over the United States. Also, it was funny to have breakfast there!

5. Is there a particular set at Days that Lauren enjoys filming on the best?

My favorite sets are: Hopes bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion and my own home at Bo and Hope’s.

6. Would Lauren ever be interested in doing print work?


7. Does Lauren get to hang out with any of the children on set?

I hang out with Terrell.

8. What has been Lauren’s favorite scene to film this year?

My favorite scenes this year were going to visit my Mommy in prison and “going fishing” with my Dad and Carly at the lake.

9. How did Lauren react when she was casted for a role on ‘Glee’?

VERY HAPPY! It was a long line to learn, but I did it!

10. How does Lauren prepare her lines?

I memorize them with my Mommy by saying them over and over and then I add in the acting later.

We’d like to thank the Boles family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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