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Hailey and Lauren Sinnema portrayed “Sydney DiMera” on Days of our Lives from February of 2009 until September of 2010. The girls appeared in over 170 episodes during their time on the show.

1. Is there anyone you wished the girls got to work with more on Days?
Everyone! The entire cast and crew was SO wonderful. Warm, inviting and just down-right friendly that I wish we could have worked more with all of them!

2. When the girls were on ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’, did both of them film or was one twin used for all the scenes?
They were 7 months old when they were on ‘I Didn’t Know I Was
Pregnant’. They both were used to film the scenes. Although if I remember correctly, Lauren did most of the work.

3. Were Hailey and Lauren able to spend time backstage playing with their on screen siblings, Aaron and Griffin and Carolyn and Campbell?
Yes. That was the highlight of our days at Days. We (all of the families) ALWAYS made it a point to stop in and hang out for a while when we were all there at the same time.

4. Did Hailey and/or Lauren seem to favor being with James Scott (EJ) or Alison Sweeney (Sami) more?
I guess if I had to pick one, I would say that they both really formed a bond with James. They worked a lot longer with him than Alison. And he was able to come in and visit our dressing room and play quite often.

5. Was there a particular scene that Hailey and/or Lauren seemed to really enjoy filming?
They always loved the scenes with the other kids. When they were really young, they were mesmerized by the boys who play “Johnny”. So any scenes with them and they were happy.

6. What was it like for the girls to be part of a major soap storyline?
I don’t think we realized how big it was until it was over. It was really fun to be a part of the whole thing. We feel really fortunate to have had the experience and to have been a part of such a well-known and respected soap.

7. Have the girls ever seen themselves onscreen? If so can they tell themselves apart?
Yes and yes! They would see themselves on the screen from time to time and say “Look, mama. that’s Hailey” or “that’s Lauren”. They got it right 100% of the time.

8. What has been one of the funniest things to happen on set or backstage for one of the girls scenes?
Hmmm… I can’t really think of anything! At least nothing related to a scene. One funny thing that happened backstage is that Molly Burnett was having a dance competition with her brother and she put together a video of some of the cast dancing. She filmed Hailey shaking her stuff in the hallway. It turned out really cute.

9. Was there anyone that the girls didn’t work with regularly that they seemed to enjoy being around backstage?
When I think back, we spent most of our time off-set roaming the halls and chatting with just about EVERYONE. People would always be hanging out and the girls would join right in. They loved to dance and seemed to get many people to join them off set. They seemed to really like Peter Reckell, Louise Sorel, Arianne Zucker and Lindsay Hartley.

10. What was it like learning that that girls would be on for many more episodes than they had originally been booked for?
It was great to find out that we were going to be around longer than the initial 8 episodes that we signed on for. But truth is, is that we didn’t know how many it would end up being until the end. We were told week to week what our schedule was. We would get scripts for a week or two ahead, but never really know much more than that. We were lucky to have been in about 160 shows.

We’d like to thank the Sinnema family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A Event this year!

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