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Ellie & Rose Karchmer portray the role of “Parker Jonas“ on Days Of Our Lives. The girls have done other work like Desperate Housewives and House.

1. What was the twins first day on set like?

Our first day on set was the episode with Parker’s birth. I was nervous that they might be covering the babies with cream cheese and jelly (we had been told by casting that it was a possibility they would use cream cheese & jelly on the baby’s body and face to make her look like a baby who had just been born!) , but we found out when we got there that they wouldn’t be doing that. I was relieved to hear that! Ellie & Rose were actually in the middle of a fussy week (the same week they filmed the episode of House), but it worked out since babies usually cry when they are born! They had to use the back-up twins who were sleeping so that they could get the actors’ dialogue and then for the later scenes in the hospital. I was worried they wouldn’t have Ellie & Rose come back. I guess they decided to give Ellie & Rose another chance and they haven’t been fussy like that on set since then. The cast and crew were all very welcoming and made us comfortable.

2. How did you feel when they got casted for the part?

It was exciting to hear that the girls were cast. I watched Days of Our Lives growing up and have always enjoyed watching the show when I can. It’s really a dream job! The studio is only 10-15 minutes away from where we live so it’s an easy commute. I also like the fact that there is consistency for the girls with who they work with behind the scenes and in front of the camera. The girls are used to working with Nadia and Shawn now. They are very happy when Nadia holds them and Shawn gets the biggest smiles from them.

3. Have the girls gotten to meet any of the other children backstage?

Yes, they have met Sydney and Johnny. They like watching the Sydney girls move around. Ellie and Rose have an older sister and brother so they are fascinated by older kids.

4. How did the girls like working on House?

The House shoot was very quick! We were only there for about 30 minutes. We worked with the same twins who are the girls’ back-ups on Days of Our Lives. The primetime shows tend to use two sets of twins. The House set is amazing. It looks like the most modern high-tech hospital you have ever been in.

5. What was it like working on Desperate Housewives?

Desperate Housewives was a lot of fun. It took five days to film the scenes for the one episode. It was the girls’ first job. Felicity Huffman and the actress who plays her daughter were great with the babies. I’ve been a fan of that show since the beginning, so it was fun to see what a big production it is. The crew was so nice to us. We had to go to two different locations in addition to the studio. The girls’ first day at work was filming the bus scene. It was filmed on a real bus that drove down a blocked-off residential street. I started to get nervous and wonder if I was crazy for letting them drive away with my 1-month-old baby on board! A baby nurse was sitting right next to them the whole time they were on the bus, but I still questioned whether I was doing the right thing! Typically I get to stand just off camera and am always very close to the baby that is filming. That was the only time I wasn’t right there next to them.

6. Is there any way to tell the girls apart on-screen?

Rose has a red stork bite on her left eye lid- it was visible in the episode of Desperate Housewives in the close-up during the bus scene. You can also see it in some of the close-ups of the birth scene episode on Days. It has been fading as she gets older and it is more difficult to tell them apart! Rose’s face is rounder and Ellie’s face is longer, but that only helps if you are looking at them side by side.

7. What was it like filming the Christening scenes?

It almost felt like a real Christening because of the church set and actor portraying the priest! It was fun to have so many of the Days cast members in the scene. They were all so sweet around the babies.

8. Do you have a favorite scene the girls have done so far?

There is a great scene where Nadia sings to her sleeping son. It is so beautiful. Rose is asleep in her arms and looks like a little angel. Nadia is an amazing singer. It was a treat to get to hear her sing!

9. How did the girls get into the business?

A postpartum doula who helped us at night after the girls were born asked if we were considering putting the girls into the business since they are identical twins. She told me that the other families of twins who she had worked with had really good experiences. I figured I might as well try to learn more. I had joined an internet group for twin moms in the LA area and there had been a post about an agent for infant twins. I talked to the agent who explained how strict the rules are for infants under 6 months (they can only work for 2 hours a day, can only be under the lights for 20 minutes, baby nurse is always provided). I talked to another mom who had her twins on another soap opera and she told me that they had a lot of fun doing it. I decided to give it a shot to see how the girls did and if it caused any disruptions to our family. We live in the San Fernando Valley and are very close to a lot of the studios, which makes it easier for us to do. It’s been a really great experience and it’s nice to be able to put away the money in the girls’ 529 college accounts.

10. Does one girl film more than the other, or is it mostly equal?

At first I tried to keep it as fair as I could by taking turns with each one. Once we started Days of Our Lives, Ellie tended to be the less fussy of the two and filmed more scenes. In the last few weeks, Rose has become less fussy and has been filming more. From what I have heard from people who work with kids on set, that seems to be the usual pattern. One will work more than the other, but the one who works more can switch.

We’d like to thank the Karchmer family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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