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Davin Ransom Portrays “Spencer Cassadine” on General Hospital. His first appearance was back in August of 2009. Questions were answered by Davin himself.

1. How does Davin like working on General Hospital?
Yes I enjoy it. The sets are really cool!

2. How does Davin like working with the children who play ‘Cameron’, ‘Jake’ and ‘Aiden’?
I like having other kids on set to work with and Braydon and I are good friends.

3. Did Davin get to meet Robert Downey Jr. or anyone else on the set of Iron Man 2?
Yes I got to meet him briefly outside the day I tried on my costume.

4. Does Davin enjoy working on tv or movies more?
I like to work on movie sets better because i enjoy the big sets.

5. How did Davin like filming the Halloween scenes for GH?
A lot!! I loved my was so cool!!

6. What was it like for Davin getting to work on Desperate Housewives?
I enjoyed it and we got to spend a lot of days in LA. I got to go on my breaks to Unviersal walk and I got to do the I Fly. the people on set were very nice to me.

7. Has Davin ever done any commercials or print work?
yes a japanese ice cream commercial for Glico and print work for Disney and Target online.

8. How does Davin enjoy working with Tyler?
Great! he is quiet but nice to me.

9. How did Davin enjoy his first GH Fan Event?
That was fun! I liked being on stage when the fans asked me questions about my character and working on the show. I also enjoyed signing autographs and taking pictures.

10. Is there someone at GH Davin would like to work with, but hasn’t got a chance to yet?
Not really.

Anything else you would like to add?
I enjoy acting..the drive to LA is very long though and I have to miss a lot of school for auditions, but I like working on set and I like meeting the other actors and learning from them. I am hoping to get a big role soon…I would love to be in another movie. I enjoyed working on Neverland short film and I hope to get another movie like that one.

We’d like to thank Davin and his family participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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