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Carolyn and Campbell Rose first aired as ‘Allie Horton’ on Days a little over a year ago. Aside from Days Carolyn has filmed a music video for Dave Barnes and Campbell an episode of Cold Case among other things.

1. How did Carolyn and Campbell like filming EJ and Sami’s wedding?

Weddings are busy days in Salem. They are fun to shoot because we get to wear pretty dresses and sometimes heels 🙂

2. Is their anyone that the girls would like to work with who they haven’t with yet?

We are 5 (6 in Feb :)) so we are just getting started on our list of things we want to do.

3. Do Carolyn and Campbell spend time backstage with Aaron and Griffin Kunitz when all four are on set the same day?

Yes, yes, and yes! The boys are almost like real brothers to us. We had Easter breakfast with them this year, even spend the night with them sometimes. The boys have 4 wii controls so we have alot of fun at their house!

4. Is one girl used more in scenes than the other, or do they film equally?

We choose who films. Depends on the scene and which one of us is feeling it.

5. What has been the girls favorite project to work on?

Days of course! Other shoots we have done are 1-2 days, but we’ve been on Days for a year and have made great friends there.

6. How did the girls enjoy filming Cold Case/ David Barnes music video?

Cold Case was fun, shooting on the beach….but the poor men whose job it was to throw buckets of water so it looked like the waves were hitting us!! That job was fun because they custom made a 70s looking swimsuit for us. It was fun to meet with the seamstress and do fittings.
Dave Barnes is one of the sweetest boys ever!! We played on the beach with him all day. We’ve been lucky to have 2 shoots that really were a day on the beach! For this video, we got to wear a dress our grandmother Carolyn gave us for our birthday.

7. What was the girls first day on the Days set like?

Days has a wonderful set teacher, Bobbie, that guides us through everything. So even though it was all new, she was there every step of the way.

8. How did the girls like working with Hailey and Lauren?

We LOVE the babies, but we didn’t really get to work with them alot. Most of the baby scenes are filmed separately. Today we got to hold the Parker babies though and they are cuties! All smiles!

9. Do the girls have a favorite set to film on?

We are in Rafe’s loft most of the time. It’s a cool loft and we’ve gotten to help decorate it a little thanks to Mary the awesome prop lady. We’ve made artwork that you’ll see from time to time on the frig and on tables.

10. How do the girls prepare their lines?

We have an acting coach, Karen Storms, we work with for important scenes. Her daughter Kristen, started on Days when she wasn’t much older than us. We memorize really quickly and then work with her on the right timing and reactions. When we were younger, we would draw pictures of the scenes and that would help us remember the order of the reactions.

We’d like to thank the Rose family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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