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Braden Walkes currently portrays the role of “Cameron Webber” on General Hospital. He started in 2006 and to this day continues to play the part.

1. What have been some of Braden’s scenes to film?

Braden enjoyed the fire starting scene. I think because of the fireman that was on set. He thought it was cool. He also liked a scene when he got to play football.

2. How did Braden like working with Kali Rodriguez (ex-Kristina)?

He was to young to remember Kali but he liked playing with her.

3. What was the biggest difference between doing a project like General Hospital and a commercial (such as Old Navy)?

Braden said that the difference between old navy and GH is that Old Navy took a very long time to film.

4. Has Braden done more commercials outside the Old Navy one?

Old Navy was his only commercial.

5. How does Braden enjoy working with Davin, the Nigbor twins, and Adrian and Brett (Aidan)?

Braden has so much fun working with all the boys on the show.

6. How did Braden like working with Greg Vaughan and how does he like working with Jonathan Jackson?

He loves both Lucky’s. They are both a lot of fun to work with.

7. Is there someone Braden wishes he would get to work with more at GH?

No. But he really enjoys working with Becky and the kids.

8. How did Braden like filming the Halloween scenes?

Braden liked the Halloween scenes. His costume was fun.

9. Does Braden have a favorite set to film on?

His favorite set is the hospital because he gets to push the elevator buttons.

10. How does Braden prepare his lines?

At night we lay in bed and go over his lines.

We’d like to thank the Walkes family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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