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Alina Foley portrayed Claire Brady on Days of our Lives from January 3 2008 through March 24 2008. This year her movie “The Spy Next Door” was released. She also continued in her role on the show “The League.”
All questions are answered by Alina herself.

1. How exciting was it for Alina to attend her very own movie premiere?
It was really exciting. That was my very first movie. I had never done a movie. I got to see myself on a big screen. All the reporters were nice. It was fun and tiring to sign all those autographs.

2. Are there any funny or interesting memories from any of the shows she has worked on?
A bit too many to say, but doing harness work and flipping was fun.

3. When Alina was on Days, what was it like working with Peter Reckell
(Bo), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Drake Hogestyn (John), and Deidre Hall (Marlena) as their granddaughter?

It was really fun. We spent a lot of time together even when we weren’t shooting.

4. Was Alina ever able to spend time backstage with Brandon Beemer (Shawn) and Martha Madison (Belle)?
Yes, a lot of time. They were really fun.

5. Which does Alina prefer: TV or movies?
I prefer movies. I love doing movies.

6. How did Alina enjoy filming the Halloween scenes for The League?
I loved filming the Halloween scenes. Especially because I got to meet the monkey.

7. What was Alina’s favorite scene to film for The Spy Next Door?
I loved filming the scenes where I got to flip or do harness-work. But, the whole movie was a lot of fun.

8. Does Alina continue to keep in contact with Madeline and Will?
Will and I go to the same school now and we also see Maddie whenever we can. We are all still friends. We even went to the Karate Kid premiere together.

9. How did Alina enjoy working with animals on The League and in The Spy Next Door?
I love animals so I love working with them whenever I can.

10. How does Alina prepare her lines?
My mom and I usually read them together first and then I usually have them memorized so we just rehearse them a few times.

We’d like to thank Alina and her family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A Event this year!

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