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Ailish and Julia O’Connor portrayed Grace Brady on Days of our Lives from May to June 2009 and Nell Henrickson on Big Love in the 4th season.

1. How did the girls like filming Big Love?
These were long days – but everyone on set was so nice and we were glad to be a part of it.

2. Now that Ailish and Julia are older, have they seen any of their scenes as Baby Grace and recognize themselves?
They sure do recognize themselves in the screencaps. We don’t watch much TV.

3. What was the biggest difference between doing Days Of Our Lives and Big Love?
Mostly the hours. Days had much shorter days, but BIG LOVE had more locations – Even on stage, there was more variety in settings from the kitchen to the backyard set, which was unbelievably realistic.

4. Have the girls kept in touch with their Big Love siblings?
I wish. We ran into Amanda Seyfried (Sarah) at the Gelson’s in my neighborhood and she couldn’t have been nicer. Bella Thorne (Tancy) was great with the girls when they were on set together. She played their big sis on two different shows. And the Kent twins were just adorable with them. But they live way out in San Diego. Since Ailish and Julia didn’t return to the show, we haven’t seen them. Though I’m in touch with their mom on FB.

5. Do the girls ever get recognized by fans?
When we went to the Days of Days event at Universal last year – there were quite a few people chasing after us to get a glimpse and even take photos with baby Grace. It only took one “Are they baby Grace?” and a small crowd began to gather. We even got interviewed for a video posting by a local set of entertainment enthusiasts. Felt like they were mini-celebrities. But that really was the extent of it.

6. What was the girls first day on set like for Days? Big Love?
Days: I remember one of the cast members, Renee, was so helpful in spreading a bagel for me, as my hands were full of baby. Since there were other babies on set (about their age) we had a play date while awaiting to film our scenes. We are still in touch with the Sinnema family.
BIG LOVE was interesting. All the parents, kids, cast and crew really knew each other very well. It was like were family after working so long together (the kids growing up on the show each season). We were the newbies. But everyone was so nice and helpful.

7. How did the girls enjoy their set visit to Grey’s Anatomy?
They got a lot of attention. Dressed in matching pink outfits, who can resist a set of twins, especially petite baby girls? Crew members smiled and engaged them. Ellen Pompeo caught a glimpse of them and when she had finished filming, she came right over to chat and play with my girls. Patrick Dempsey couldn’t have been more down to earth.

8. What has been one of the funniest things to happen on set or backstage for one of the girls’ scenes? (on any show)
BIG LOVE: While I was waiting in the trailer, I was told that Ailish, signed for more (food) during a shot. It was a family meal scene and she was sitting in the highchair next to her ‘mom’ Margene, played by Ginnifer Goodwin. The Cherrios prop came in handy, as she was hungry. I never got a chance to see the scene, but it was probably Ginnifer (Goodwin) or Bella (Thorne) who was feeding her. When the show aired, friends told me they saw my girl signing on TV. I thought that was very cute.

9. Do the girls see any of their former Days family now?
We still keep in touch with Lauren and Hailey Sinnema’s (Sydney on Days) mom, Laura. We’ve met a Griffith Park, but that was a while ago. We hope to plan a playmate soon.

10. Which girl filmed first for Big Love?
Julia filmed the first scene. She has always been my go-to girl. I usually can depend on her to go first.

We would like to thank the O’Connor family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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