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Aaron and Griffin Kunitz play the role of “Johnny DiMera” on Days of Our Lives. They first aired January 27 2009.

1. How do the boys like working with Carolyn and


2. How did the boys liking filiming EJ and Sami’s

Sad because it got brokenup

3. How did the boys likes working with Ella and Anna


4. What is it like working with Joe Mascolo (Stefano)?

We love Nonno

5. Do the boys ever get a chance to play with any of
the other kids or babies on set?

Recently got to play with Terrell and also Carolyn and Campbell

6. Are the boys filmed equally or does one work more than the other?

Both love to go on so we take turns

7. How do the boys enjoy learning their lines?

We try to make it fun as it is the least fun part of the job..we sing them sometimes and use different accents(JAmes and Nonno and our mums Scottish accent)

8. How did the boys like filming their Band-Aid commercial and getting to sing the jingle?

So much fun chasing the frogs and we loved that one.

9. What has been one of the funniest things to happen on set or backstage for one of their scenes?

Griffin was onset one day and Gary Tomlin(we call him the Big boss) said outloud right when they were about to film…”Gary you are the big boss right?” and “he replied “Yes” the whole crew burst out laughing..

10. How did the boys like their first Day of Days event?

They LOVED it!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for watching the show

We’d like to thank the Kunitz family for participating in the Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A event this year!

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