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Lauren Boles began portraying “Ciara Brady” on Days of our Lives on May 21, 2008. In the beginning, she was only on a little bit but ever since the kidnapping storyline back this summer, Lauren has gotten much more screen time. All questions are answered by Lauren herself.

1. How did Lauren like doing the Ciara is kidnapped

I liked it because it was scary and I like scary things. I also liked working with Brenda, Kyle and Dean.

2. How does Lauren like working with her on-screen
parents, Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell? She is doing a great job!

I love it! Both of them are very nice to me.

3. Who does Lauren hang out with the most when not

My Mommy and Bobbie (the teacher on set).

4. How did Lauren enjoy her first Red Carpet event?
I liked all the cameras taking pictures of me!

5. How did Lauren enjoy the Days of Days Event?
I liked it a lot! My favorite part was signing the autographs for the fans.

6. What is Lauren’s favorite part about being on Days Of
Our Lives?

My favorite part is hanging out with the actors and acting on the set.

7. Has Lauren always wanted to act?
Yes. I like to learn the lines for my part. Its fun.

8. Does Lauren want to try acting in anything else?
Yes! I want to get on another commercial.

9. Was Lauren able to meet the Grey triplets? (boys who play zack)
Yes, a couple of times.

10.Has Lauren done anything outside of Days?
One Disney commercial.

We would like to thank the Boles family for participating in the Q&A Christmas Event this year!

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