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Hailey & Lauren Sinnema portray “Sydney Dimera” on “Days of our Lives.” The girls’ first episode was in February of this year. They are still in the role today and to-date have aired in over 100 episodes.

1. Which one of the girls is used more?
For the past few months, we have been using Hailey more. In the beginning, we primarily used Lauren.

2. Do Hailey and Lauren get to hang out with Ailish and Julia O’Connor at all?
Yes. When Ailish and Julia were on the show, the girls would hang out the entire time we were there. We used to joke that it was like a “playdate” on set! But with our schedule lately, we don’t get to have as many playdates as we would like. I do talk to their mom, Lauren, on the phone or by email almost daily.

3. Is there a way to tell the girls apart? Can any of the actors tell them apart?
Lauren has one TINY birthmark on her right knee. The girls are identical and that’s about the only real difference. On set, most people have gotten to know them by their different personality traits or how they act, rather than by their physical appearance. Hailey tends to be a bit more social than Lauren who tends to be a bit more shy.

4. Has one girl been used more than the other?
Overall, I think they are probably about even. As I mentioned, Lauren used to be the only one that went out on set in the beginning. That changed a few months ago and right now we primarily use Hailey. It works out really well. When one of the girls is tired or having a rare bad day, the other usually steps right in.

5. Do the girls spend time with any of the other kids backstage?
Yes. The kids love to spend time together backstage. It seems like everyone makes it a point to “stop in” and say hello to each other when we are all there together. We especially see Lauren Boles, who plays Ciara Brady, and Terrell Ransom Jr., who plays Theo Carver. They are very sweet with the girls.

6. Do Hailey or Lauren have a favorite person to work with?
Hailey & Lauren have spent the most time both on and off camera with Arianne Lowder, who plays Nicole so they are most comfortable with her. As the storyline continues to evolve, the girls are getting to work with and know many more cast members. Everyone is so friendly and playful, the girls really have gotten to know most of them…including the camera men and women!

7. How are the girls liking the consistent filming at Days?
Both girls love going to the set! They know where we are going the minute we enter the NBC gates. Now, they walk in by themselves, waving hello to everyone and dancing on the way in! We have had a busy schedule lately, filming an average of 4-5 shows a week. Most days we are only at the set for 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours so it really leaves most of the day open for other things (playdates with friends, naps, etc.).

8. How are the girls liking working with Alison Sweeney?
Alison is wonderful! She is so amazing at what she does and the girls have really taken a liking to her quickly. She has young children of her own, so she understands how to handle the little ones when they get fussy or tired. And I think Hailey and Lauren can feel that because they will usually cuddle into her and seem very comfortable with her both off camera and during scenes.

9. What have been your favorite scenes the girls have filmed?
I always like the scenes where the girls babble and “talk back” to the actors as they are saying their lines. There have been a few times they have had “full conversations” with Arianne and I just laugh. It’s almost as if they know they are little actors.

10. How did the girls get into the business?
It was a TOTALLY by chance. My husband is a banker and had a picture of Hailey and Lauren on his desk at work. A client of his, who was starting her own talent agency, came in and saw the picture. She told my husband that she would love to represent them. We thought nothing of it until she came back in to see him a month later and wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. Days of Our Lives was the second audition we went on and the girls were originally booked for 8 episodes. That was over 125 shows and 10 months ago.

Anything else you would like to add?
We just feel SO blessed to have this opportunity! It was something we never thought of, but has turned out to be such a great experience for us. Everyone at Days of Our Lives is so kind and friendly, not only to the girls, but to our family. We truly feel like part of the Days family. Recently, we have had several “Sydney” fans approach us when we have been out running errands and it feels so good to hear them say nice things about our babies.

We would like to thank the Sinnema family for participating in the Star-Kidz Christmas Q&A Event!

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