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Ella & Anna Gietzen portrayed “Alice ‘Allie’ Horton” on Days of our Lives. From January – August the girls won over the hearts of Lumi fans. We look forward to seeing what’s in the girls future.

1.Will the girls be staying in the business?
They are still with JetSet Babies and we are happy with them. We can only wait to see if they will find something else.

2.How did the girls like working with Aaron and Griffin?

They enjoyed it. They really didn’t see much of them. We shared a dressing room one time and they all played well together.

3.Is there anyone the girls enjoyed seeing backstage but never got a chance to work with?
They really liked Nadia, “Chloe”. They always referred to her as a princess because she looks like a life size Barbie and was sooo nice to them. She always went out of her way to see the girls. Lauren “Nicole” was also very nice and fun with them in the halls. The funniest was EJ. I think it was Ella who worked that day when he carried her off set, she was so cute off stage looking up at him. I think she thought he was really cute! She was super bashful with him. Too funny!

4.Do the girls ever watch any of their scenes?

They saw them all and thought it was funny. Their brother’s got a kick out of it too.

5.Did the girl’s have a favorite person to work with on set?
Definitely their “pretend daddy”. He was really silly and made funny voices and faces in between takes.

6.Did the girl’s ever get to meet any of the other kids backstage?
Besides Aaron & Griffin, Will, Mia, and many of the babies.

7.Is there any way to tell the girls apart? and could any of the cast members tell them apart?
Side by side yes – Ella is taller, she also has a tiny scar near her left eye from falling off her bike and getting stitches. Anna also has a tiny scar under chin from falling off her bike and getting stitches (three months appart! Twins!) On set you really can’t tell. Anna’s features are a little closer together like her eyes. Ella has a little larger face. Their hair parts on opposite sides too, Anna to the right, Ella to the left. No one could tell them apart except the NBC school teacher, Bobby. She was great and could tell their personalities were very different.

8.Did the girls enjoy working with Alison Sweeney?
They did like Alison Sweeney. They did like her, she was very nice to them. They did not get too much interaction with her so they didn’t form as much a bond. They ask about her though and want to know when they get to see her again.

9.What have been some of your favorite scenes the girls filmed?
I liked the first one when Anna told Chloe the flower was for her. She was too cute. I also liked the scene where Ella is taking the poison apple. They shot that one several times to get all these different angles and she did it perfect every time. I know some of the blogs say they don’t look like they were having fun, but they were. They would fight in the dressing room over who would get a turn, so I had to rotate them equally! They were quiet on set because that was what we were told to do and they follow instructions well without any fuss.

10. What was it like filming Eli Stone?
That was a while ago. It was fun for the first round. Anna did all the filming on that because she cooperated well and didn’t need to be swapped out with Ella. They were 2 long days but again they seemed to enjoy it. Everyone was very nice and Anna played off set with the stunt crew on their mats doing gymnastic tumbles, she had a blast.

We would like to Thank the Gietzen family for participating in this year’s Q&A.

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