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Carolyn & Campbell took over the role Allie on November 23, 2009. While they have only aired in one episode since being cast they quickly stole the hearts of Lumi fans. Be sure to tune in to Days tomorrow to see the girls in action.

1. Is Day’s the girls first project, if not, what else have they done?
Days is the girls’ first recurring role. They did an Anna’s Linen’s commercial this summer where they got to act together. The director was so nice, when he found out what big super hero fans they were, he had an assistant get them the huge Spiderman pillows that Anna’s carries. It was such a thrill for the girls! They have done several print jobs and a short film.

2. How did the girls like their first day on set, where they shy at all about all the new faces?
When we learned we booked the role, I said to the girls, “let’s go to a nice, sit down restaurant and celebrate”. Carolyn, who is so funny, even when she isn’t trying to be, said, let’s go to McDonald’s; they have chairs!” So we did. McDonalds and then Michaels. We bought visors for their new pretend family. The girls decorated them and put names on them. Our first day on the set, the girls wheeled in their pink and purple princess suitcases full of gifts, and we started passing them out. It was fun for the girls to try to find the person that matched the hat.

The girls have never been shy about meeting new people. They will ask me, “hey mom, can we go over there, there are some friends we haven’t met yet”.

3. How do the girls enjoy working with Aaron & Griffin Kunitz (Johnny)? Do all the kids get along?
The 4 kids absolutely LOVE each other. Part of our audition, was to see how the kids would get along. They got along so well, they were playing hide and go seek by the time the casting director was ready to see them. We have separate dressing rooms when we are all there together, but we end up all piled together in one so the kids can play. They play connect 4 while they are waiting for their scenes. They are funny comparing clothes, trying to decide who got the coolest boots for the scene. It’s fun for the girls to be with another set of twins. Aaron and Griffin’s mom is super sweet and has helped show us around at the studio.

4. Were the girls excited when you told them they got the role of Allie?
The first thing we did was call their grandma because she has watched Days for years and years. They said, “grandma, you get to see us on your favorite show!” We celebrate doing our best, so I tried not to treat this booking differently. Although it is a huge honor, we are so blessed to be a part of Days, the girls are 4, so we keep it at a 4 year old level. I don’t want them to feel pressure to book a role. The goal for them is to enjoy life, have great learning experiences, and do what they love.

5. Are the girls identical, if so is there any way to tell them apart?
They are identical. When they were born, we let their big brother, Cordray, choose 2 colors of toenail polish. Campbell got orange and Carolyn got blue. My mother would come over and help me with them and one of her jobs was to be sure the toenail polish didn’t rub off. Carolyn is named after my grandmother because she has been a rascal even in the womb. So that’s how we tell them apart, she’s our rascal!! Just this week, Tim was saying “Campbell, listen to me, why aren’t you listening, Campbell’..’ I said, “because that’s Carolyn!” So we have problems from time to time telling them apart’ Carolyn is our jokester and Campbell is our sweetheart, always ready with a hug and kiss.

6. How did the girls like the Day of Days fan event?
The girls are in LOVE with Bryan and Alison. So even though they had shot with Bryan the day before, at Campbell’s request, we waited in line 40 minutes to say hi again. They thought it was neat that so many people came to see their pretend daddy and mommy.

7. How did the girls get into the acting business?
Since the girls were born, on 2/17/05, people have told me I should get them into acting. They have always been outgoing and HUGE story tellers! They go into their pretend world and build off one another, it’s really fun to watch and listen to them. Campbell will come up in the morning and say “I’m Ben 10 today ok mom” Then here comes Carolyn, “I’m Green Lantern today”. Then they’ll start making up a story, I’ll hear them say, “thank goodness you have superheroes here to help you, huh mom” So I got them an agent near our hometown, a manager from LA spotted them and a few months later, we were moving to LA”.

8. Have the girls filmed any scenes with their on screen daddy (Bryan Dattilo)?
Well, I think the still shots of the Christmas scenes are already posted on blogs, so I can tell you about that one J . He is sooooo wonderful with them! When Campbell looked at the still shots tonight of her and Bryan decorating the tree, she cried. She thinks they are best friends! He has a gift for making her feel comfortable. Campbell was sick when they worked last week, so she just hung out in the dressing room, but when she heard Bryan’s voice, she poked her head out and waved!

9. How do the girls like working with Alison Sweeney (Sami)?
Sami is also wonderful with the girls. When they gave her the hats that they had worked so hard painting and decorating, she kneeled on the floor and talked about how wonderful they were and how much she loved them. You should have seen the girls’ smiles! When I take them on set, I tell Alison which girl she has and then she can call them by name. She is very dear to them and they are soooo proud to call her pretend mommy!

10. Have the girls gotten a chance to meet or hang out with Hailey & Lauren Sinnema (Sydney)?
The girls LOVE the babies!! We haven’t gotten to play with them as much as we would like to, but hopefully the writers will have us there on the same day coming soon!

Anything else you’d like to add?
The girls have been so surprised by all the gifts and cards from fans. We just wanted to thank everyone for the thoughtfulness you have shown us. We are so blessed to be a part of Days and hope you enjoy Allie!

We would like to thank the Rose family for participating in the Star-Kidz Christmas Q&A event this year!

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