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Alina Foley portrayed “Claire” on Days of our Lives from January 3, 2008 til March 24, 2008. Before joining DAYS she appeared on the web series “In the Motherhood” playing Leah Remini’s daughter. Since leaving the show she’s filmed two pilots, the FX show “The League” and a feature film. Her new movie “The Spy Next Door” which co-stars Jackie Chan and fellow Star-Kid Madeline Carroll will be hitting theaters January 15th 2010.

1. What has been Alina’s favorite thing to film?
By far, Alina’s favorite thing she has filmed has been “The Spy Next Door.” We were in Albuquerque for two months for it, and she loved all the new experiences. She especially loved becoming friends with Will, Maddie, Jackie, Amber and the others. She’d do it all over again if she could.

2. How does Alina like filming The League?
She has enjoyed working on “The League”, but her time on set was pretty limited. It’s a pretty “adult” show.

3. Other than the movie, what has Alina been up to lately?
Mainly, Alina has been very involved at school. She was in the school play, “Grease.” She played “Frenchy” and had a great time. It was a whole new ball game for her to do theater. The rehearsals took up a lot of time, but she committed to it and learned a lot.

4. How did Alina enjoy working with Madeline Carroll and the other kids on The Spy Next Door?
Alina, Maddie and Will Shadley all became great friends. Really, they became more like family because their time together was so concentrated. We are still friends and now she and Will go to the same school.

5. Is Alina excited about the movie being relesed in a few weeks?
Oh, yes! It’s been fun to see the previews, and see the posters start popping up. Kids at school are starting to recognize her from it.

6. How did Alina like working with Jackie Chan?
Alina loved Jackie. He was so sweet and generous with the kids. He taught them a lot. She misses him.

7. Has Alina been able to keep in touch with any of the “Days” cast members?
She hasn’t kept in touch with Days cast members.

8.Has she kept in touch with the kids she worked with on The Spy Next Door?
Yes, as I said before, she and the other kids are still good friends. And she’s gotten to reconnect with Jackie and Amber at sessions and screenings in L.A.

9. Does Alina enjoy working with the baby that is on The League?
She only worked one day with the baby, but, yes, she loved it. She loves babies and these twins were very sweet.

10. Did Alina enjoy getting to attend the premiere of her dad’s holiday special recently?
Oh, yes! She is so proud of him and happy to share with her friends that he did the voice. She could watch it over and over!

Anything else you would like to add?
It’s been a great year for Alina. She has had a really nice balance of work and school. She continues to support animal rights and is looking forward to the next year – whatever it brings. Thanks for keeping up with her!

We would like to thank Alina’s mom for participating in this year’s Star-Kidz Christmas Q&A event!

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