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Ailish and Julia O’Connor took over the role of “Grace” on Days of our Lives on May 8, 2009. They portrayed the character until her death a month later but they also made a small dream appearance in July. Later on in the summer, the girls booked the role of “Nell” on Big Love. In addition to those two shows, the girls have also appeared on “In the Motherhood” and “Modern Family”

1. Is there any certain way to tell the girls apart and how?
Julia has a slightly bigger forehead, and thus more heart-shaped face- making her look a little more petite.

2. How are the girls enjoying working with the other children on Big Love?
They are still so small and really enjoy attention from anyone – adults and kids alike. The 4-year-old Kent twins (Ethan and Gavin) loved playing with them and after a few days on set together, one of them asked me if Ailish and Julia could come home with them to play. So cute. : )

3. How did the girls like being little “celebrities” at the Days of Days Event?
They were so tired that day. But I’m sure they enjoyed the attention. : )

4. How is the cast of Big Love with the girls?
They are just great. Everyone has been so nice and attentive to the babies. Even the director last Wednesday came up between sets to greet and make them smile. Ginnifer Goodwin often says “well hello Julia” (or Ailish) and tickles their toes or something – she is very sweet with them. And they do seem very content with her.

5. Did the girls have a favorite person to work with on Days?
I think they were very comfortable with Alison. She has kids and is very good with babies.

6. Do they have a favorite person to work with on Big Love?
They are always with Ginnifer since she plays their mom. But they also have a lot of fun with other members on set, including the stand-ins who have been so helpful and playful with the babies when we are waiting for our call to enter stage.

7. Which girl filmed the first scene for Days?
I believe it was Julia. She is my “go-girl” since she is generally the most calm and easy-going of the two. Even though they both are pretty mellow and people-friendly.

8. Do any of the girls’ cast members ever try to tell them apart?
Yes. I think Ginnifer can tell since she’s been around them most. She seems to pretty much get them right.

9. How did the girls get into the business?
We were in Target and met another mom with twin girls who suggested we contact their agent and get the girls into modeling / TV…”for a college fund”. So we did.

10. How did the girls enjoy filming Modern Family?
I think they enjoyed playing in the dressing room between filming the most since their were a lot of other babies and toys. Funny, but the mommy-and-me scene didn’t allow too much room for any of the babies to really “play”/explore too much since they had to stay in frame (my babies would crawl off and head toward the camera men if I didn’t keep them in tow.) – Though there were a few short little scenes where they got to just “play”.

We would like to thank the O’Connor family for participating in this year’s Christmas Q&A Event!

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