1. I wanted to ask how the boys reacted to working on set with the actors,and did they take to one actor more than another?
My boys, Nicholas and Caden were about 1 mos – 6 mos old while on General Hospital so they were quite young. Amazingly they did not really fuss much with any of the actors. They liked Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Ingo Rademacher (Jax) equally.

2. So I would like to ask you how it was going to the General Hospital Studio while your children were working?
The cast and crew at General Hospital were so very professional and accommodating when it came to having kids on set. The set teacher and set nurse were so very knowledgeable and worked well with the boys. I felt very comfortable with having my boys work there. I was concerned about the setting but after the first day, I was totally at ease with it. As a mom, I am not just sitting around. You have to be aware of the timing of when they need your child on set and make sure they are dressed properly. Right before your child goes on, you have to assess which one is in the better mood to go on set and of course that can change depending on all of normal baby issues like diaper changes, hunger, fatigue, teething, etc. At any given moment, the on set baby could change moods so having the second baby ready to go was very important. Each time one of the boys was on set, it was always just such a sweet moment, I just smiled the entire time.

3. What have the boys been up to since leaving GH?
They have been on several auditions for commercials, but nothing has materialized. The only job they have been on since GH, is they recently taped on episode for Dirty Sexy Money where they play a young Justin (Lucy Liu’s characters younger brother). They were in a scene with Lucy Liu, Blair Underwood, and Tzi Ma.

4. What is the best/favorite scene the boys filmed on General Hospital?
I actually have two favorites. One was a closing scene when Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) was holding my son sitting on the couch alone and just looking at him. When you are on set, you really know that none of it is real. But it was like Nikolas had really bonded with my son as was doing such a great acting job, it felt like you were actually watching a father with his new son. My other favorite was when the nanny was trying to teach Nikolas to burp my son, and my son actually did burp! I’m not sure if they was caught on tape or if they still had to dub it in but it was just so funny that everyone was laughing behind the scenes.

5. What was it like filming Dirty Sexy Money?
The director was so great, he totally made the boys feel comfortable. Everyone was top notch. Although the trailer situation was not exciting entertainment for two wiggly toddler boys but that was okay because we improvised with my minivan and dvds. They didn’t get on set until almost 9 pm and we didn’t leave until 11 pm. Lucy Liu is such a lovely person inside and out. Blair Underwood is very social and so great to talk to. Tzi Ma is very nice and personable unlike most of his characters (he was Han in the Rush Hour movies and Mr. Chiu in Akeelah and the Bee). The cast and crew were so impressed with the boys especially because they knew it was so late and passed their bedtime (plus we had awoken them early from their nap). I was so impressed with the actors, they looked amazing in real life, and they are there for 12+ hours a day. Our taping was the day everyone found out that ABC was not going to purchase any more episodes so it was a sad day for everyone. When the boys arrived on set, they were like little stars and cheered everyone up as they had not had toddlers on set before. They are in a scene with Nola (Lucy Liu), Simon (Blair Underwood), and Nola’s father (Tzi Ma) where Nola is having a flashback of a few years prior, visiting her father and brother, Justin (Nicholas/Caden Laughlin). They also taped another part of the scene with only Simon (Blair Underwood) where they were playing together. Simon had my son just laughing nonstop. Everyone behind the scenes was just smiling and laughing too because it was just so special to see a lighter side to Simon’s character. During that taping, the director said several times “This is gold!”.

6. How did you react when the boys got the role of Spencer?
We were excited but apprehensive because we weren’t sure what to expect as in real life both actors were bachelors with no kids. The first day, my husband went on set with my son, because we thought it would be best to have my husband coach Jax (Ingo Rademacher) a little bit. Jax did a great job and everything worked out just fine. The boys’ first job was on the show Alias, where they played the birthing scene for Sydney’s (Jennifer Garner)newborn girl. In that scene, they had to smear cream cheese and grape jelly on their face. So we figured nothing could be as bad as that.

7. How did the boys enjoy working with Tyler Christopher?
The boys really worked well with Tyler. Tyler never seemed nervous or apprehensive so I think he kept the boys comfortable as well.

8. Have the boys ever done any printwork?
No, they have not.

9. How did you get the boy’s into the business?
I am one of those people who researches everything. When I was pregnant with the twins, I was part of an online twins support group. There, I met Paloma Jackson from the Jet Set agency. She was absolutely so wonderfully informative, friendly, and professional that I just couldn’t imagine ever doing this kind of work without her help. She is not just an agent but a mentor as she is a mom that works and has entertainment business savvy so she has been the right fit for us.

10. Have the boy’s auditioned for anything big since leaving GH?
No, they haven’t. I’m not interested in pursuing this work aggressively for my kids. We are so grateful for each job they get and we see it possibly being the last thing they ever appear on. We know this is a tough business and it just gets more competitive as they get older so we want to have realistic expectations. This has been fun for us and we want to keep it that way.

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