1. Which one of the boys was the one used most as Jake?
Trey in the beginning, and Landon after 2 months of doing the show, so overall Landon.

2. Are the boys still in the business, and is there anything they have done since leaving GH or have any upcoming projects?
They have done some other tv shows and some print work.

3. What is the best/favorite scene the boys filmed on General Hospital?
When his family was sitting on the couch at his house and his brother cameron said baby Jake and, the baby smiled and giggled.

4. What was it like filming Unhitched?
It was fun, and even funnier to watch when it aired.

5. How did the boys like working with Becky Herbst and Greg Vaughan?
They loved Becky, she’s so sweet and they really took to that sweetness! Greg also did real well with them especially after having a baby boy of his own!

6. How did the boys like working with Braden Walkes?
Braden is the sweetest boy, and they loved when he’d show them a new toy.

7. How did you react when the boys got casted for General Hospital?
I was kinda shocked. I never expected them to be on a show I had known since I was a little girl.

8. Do the boys keep in touch with Braden Walkes?
No they were so little then, they couldn’t really socialize or (play) much, but now they’re going to be two in January and I’m sure they’d have a blast with him!

9. How did the boys like working with Steven Burton?
He was gentle with them, an obvious professional with babies.

10. Have the boys ever revisted the set since leaving?

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