1. Have the girls done any print work or commercials?
the girls have not done any print work. As for commercials, they filmed one for “leapfrog” but then it never aired

2. Which one of the girls was used most in the roll of ‘Pocket’
Thalia was used more often than Gabriella in the role of ‘Pocket”

3. Are the girls still in the business?
The girls are still in the business

4. What was it like filming Scrubs?
Filming Scrubs was a lot of fun. Everyone was very nice. Even Gabby and Thalia’a Mom made it on camera….she played a nurse holding one of the girls.

5. What was your reaction when you found out the girls had been casted for days?
I(their Mom) was very excited when I found out that the girls had been casted for “Days”. It happened quite naturally. There was a month from the time that they were cast to the time that they started filming, so my curiosity escalated as the few weeks passed.

6. Which one of the girl’s was afraid of the eye patch?
Pretty much both of the girls were afraid of the eye patch. The actor was very professional and thought of holding the girls facing away from him, so as not to see the Patch…then all was well.

7. How did you get your girl’s into he business?
The girls got into the business by getting an agent…and the rest is history.

8. Have the girl’s auditioned for anything big since leaving day’s?
The girls auditioned for several commercials and movies. They will be featured in Eddie Murphy’s next film.

9. Were the actor’s able to tell them apart?
Some of the actors were able to tell them apart…but most of them were not.

10. How did the girl’s enjoy working with beth?
Beth was wonderful with the girls. The girls could not talk at that point, but if they could I am sure they would have said some nice things about her.

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